Using data types in Puppet. Building packages automatically from source. Network hardware access routes. Facter supports the following extensions and data types:. Select an element on the page. Authorized training partner program. Writing facts with simple resolutions Example:

Using selectors and case statements. Quick start guide How hierarchies work How the three config layers work Upgrading to Hiera 5 Overview: If your fact combines the output of multiple commands, it may make sense to use aggregate resolutions. Automatic syntax-checking with Git hooks. Part 2 – Custom facts In the first post of this series about Facter, we introduced its basic features and we talked about Core facts , the ones shipped directly with Facter and available whenever we use Puppet. Puppet supports holding multiple values as an environment variable.

JSON data, in the following format: This fact uses sysfs on linux to get a list of the power states that are available factef the given system.

Deploy Custom Facts from a module

One example of when this can happen is in cases where a fact returns invalid characters. Email The email address of the user submitting feedback.

writing custom facter facts

Authorized training partner program. Connecting your feedback with data related to your visits device-specific, usage data, cookies, behavior and interactions will help us improve faster. A name as the argument to chunk. Custo facts are very useful when the user wishes to apply some new facts created at the provisioning time. Writing facts with simple resolutions Most facts are resolved all at once, without any need to merge data from different sources. While Facter’s built-in facts are useful, it’s actually quite easy to add your own facts.


If the chunk blocks all return arrays or hashes, you can omit the aggregate block.

writing custom facter facts

By using our site, you consent to our Cookies Policy. Are you sure you would like to use one of your credits to purchase this title? Creating facrer centralized Puppet infrastructure. Instead, they have an optional aggregate block that combines the chunks. Cleaning up old files.

writing custom facter facts

How do you feel about the new design? For information on how to add custom facts to modules, see Adding plug-ins to a module.

Puppet – Facter & Facts

Different resolutions for different operating systems Facter. Introduces a new fact or a new resolution for an existing fact with the same name. Network hardware access routes. Defaults to the number of cuztom statements for the resolution.

Authorization by HTTP header deprecated product. Producing automatic HTML documentation. Slightly more complex fact, confined to Linux with a block Main components of simple resolutions Writing structured facts Example: Following is a common output of facts on an agent. Just before an agent requests for a catalog factx the master, the agent first compiles a complete list of information available in itself in the form of a key value pair.


Managing NFS servers and file shares.

Puppet 3 Cookbook by John Arundel

Getting information about the environment. Download PE Client Tools. Users and Virtual Resources. Writing a papply script. Using selectors and case statements. Running Puppet from cron. Passing parameters to classes.