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Needless to say, copying the problem verbatim out of the text is not restating the problem. Do you have any thoughts on what benefits your students might have had from having you teach the class rather than a proficient graduate student? Over and over, I saw students who really committed to their teams get great benefits out of it. I think these are very appropriate goals in theory. I very much doubt you can visually perceive the difference between a straight line and two lines making an angle of with each other and this can make a substantial difference in an integral. I think we should give him a question on the exam where he can display this mastery.

Menu Skip to content. I enjoyed the real world examples. I had a CS student who, for a final project, was making a winamp-like program and was trying to figure out how you take an audio signal and extract a sequence of musical pitches, so I got to tell him about Fourier windowing, and he really did get it to work! S of Earth is million km. Click here if you think c is the best possible choice. The orbital period, T, of a planet is the time it takes the planet to go once around the sun. And I think that, to teach college math well, you need to be aware of a great deal of mathematics, well beyond the official level of your course.

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If some of my readers were among those who did, can you tell me how you stayed motivated? The semimajor axis, S, of each planet’s orbit is the mafh of the largest and the smallest distances between the planet in the sun.

You Restate The Problem by explaining what the problem is asking for as you understand it.

If you are thinking of importing MI calculus into your school, you should think about how to take care of your teachers. Some subset of those people will also have the personality and drive to be teachers. I highly encourage you to work hard on your team homework, and to talk in depth with your teammates about the problems. There are a lot of trick questions in there! I do think there are advantages to having instructors with more mathematical experience then a grad student can obtain, and I talked about some of them above.


Team Homework

This has two consequences. I can help my students put their struggles in perspective by authentically saying that there are math problems that have no procedure for their solution, take months to solve, and result in dense, barely readable, 50 page papers. I should have taught it explicitly.

umich team homework math 115

I think I took these messages too strongly to heart. The intended focus of the problem is on how to set up the correct integral in the first place.

umich team homework math 115

This paradox demonstrates the point very vividly. If a university or its funding source does not value research, it is not clear to me that it should hire researchers as opposed to lecturers.

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You can see the exams here: I was assigned two sections of 32 students each, which dwindled to 30 each over the course of the term. S of Pluto is million km.

umich team homework math 115

The course maintains a problem bank of suggested questions to use on quizzes and in class. Over and over, I saw students who really committed to their teams get great benefits out of it. First of all, a note to any students in Michigan calculus.

What is the orbiting period in years of Pluto, with a semimajor axis of million maty

Now, I think pure mathematical research is a crucial investment in the future of our society. In each case, for many of my classmates, that was the beginning of the end. For example, one question asked students to numerically approximate at. The coordinators also held weekly meetings to brief us on where the course was going.


It worked better than I expected, but I still have some concerns. Another geometric optimization problem asked students to construct a solid shaped like a cone on top of a cylinder to optimize some quantity, and the optimum was the degenerate case where the cone had height zero!

Moreover, while the course coordinators are highly experienced professionals, almost all of the day-to-day instruction is done by a small army of grad students and postdocs; I was one of the very few tenured or tenure track people teaching calculus this term. I feel that the former was achieved fairly well in practice, though I have some complaints, but the latter was not. Before answering, I want to point out that university departments are not idealized firms, who aim to produce a service as efficiently as possible.

Calculus at Michigan focuses very heavily on working with data and on understanding what computation to do, rather than how to do it. Next time, I should make sure that they spend a lot more time interacting outside their teams from the start of class. We want to find the orbiting period in days of Mercury which has a semimajor axis of 58 million km. A word to any of my students who find this post. If the department saved money by getting rid of me and using lecturers or, given the constraints of tenure, by not replacing the next mathematician who retiresthat money would not go to the department budget; it would go to some other department or to a decrease in our rate of tuition increase.

One of my fellow instructors offered to cook breakfast for his class if all of them passed the Gateway a week before the deadline.