Ranging from topic-related vocabulary to popular “book” idioms and phrases, this worksheet can spark your students’ interest. This lesson includes vocabulary built from the base-word “name” as well as some common phrases and idioms connected with the topic. This lesson centres around discussion questions such as “Do you believe in ghosts and witches? Another great lesson for encouraging fluency. Plenty of activities to help students examine their own sources of motivation coupled with thought-provoking questions to encourage fluency, e.

Students are encouraged to exercise their fluency through both general and personalised conversation questions such as: A lesson about identity cards. Use the information you find there to answer the questions below. Fluency is practised through stimulating and personalised discussion questions such as: A gap-fill exercise for associated phrases will get students thinking and the discussion questions will encourage fluency. Taking important clients to a sporting event such as a football match or Formula 1 race and entertaining them generously. Are you a party animal or a party pooper?

This lesson raises awareness about people who are left-handed englisuclub develops fluency with discussion questions such as “To what extent are left-handed people placed at a disadvantage in today’s world? My brother came back home while I homework. Fluency is practised through stimulating and personalised discussion questions such as: He does his homework in ten.

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This one is bound to get your students talking! To Work or Not to Work?


Why is this so? Is Football a Waste of Time?

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English club organized the students is concerned. What’s in a Name? What do they achieve? Each Talking Point is accompanied by teacher’s notes TS with answers.

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A Bride Too Far? Fluency is encouraged through stimulating discussion questions such as “In your country is marriage a civil or a religious arrangement? Topic-related vocabulary is introduced in a gap-fill exercise and practised in conversation. A fun worksheet based around a gap-fill exercise for topic-related vocabulary followed by interesting discussion questions designed to promote fluency e.

TS A fun worksheet which takes a look at common swear words in the English language. A fun worksheet taking a look at national stereotypes with a true-or-false quiz, vocabulary in the form of adjectives to describe national characteristics and discussion questions to promote fluency e. Everyone has an opinion about art whatever their feelings on the subject! Then there is a challenging error-correction exercise where students work to correct the punctuation mistakes in the sentences.

TS A great worksheet which will get your students talking, whatever they feel about football soccer! A worksheet about different forms of transportation. Which anti-corruption organisation is mentioned? Fluency is developed through lively discussion questions such as “Who is more to blame, the person who offers a bribe or the person who accepts it? A fun lesson which works as an antidote to lessons on clothes! Vocabulary is explored and practised through a gap-fill exercise based around words and phrases built from “pole”.


A handy worksheet on a subject close to many people’s hearts. Studying Pronunciation is a Waste of Time TS Pronunciation is rarely a student’s favourite part of learning English but luckily this worksheet can help them to understand its importance.

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A great worksheet to use around exam time! An unusual topic for a general English lesson, you might think, but surprisingly stimulating nevertheless — try it!

What have you insured? A fluency-based lesson which enhlishclub off with a discussion of various topic-related quotations before moving on to the conversation questions. But I have a suggestion.

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Ranging from topic-related vocabulary to popular “book” idioms and phrases, this worksheet can spark your students’ interest. What I would do if I had 5 minutes to live. A worksheet designed to motivate students to maintain their level of English by reading in English.