If you select an access option which makes your thesis available online internet exposure , then yes, you need to obtain permission. My thesis contains images that were obtained from an online journal. How do I contact the University Research Repository staff? Depositing theses A requirement of completing a thesis is to deposit a print and a digital copy of the work for the Library collection. I want to publish material from my thesis after I graduate. The Library will make a digital copy from one of the paper copies.

I have a dataset that was part of my thesis. Works in which copyright has expired may be copied without limitation. Can you link to my published version? Do I retain copyright over my thesis? Is it compulsory to deposit a digital copy of my doctoral or masters thesis? We use a cover sheet on every copy of the thesis. Can you accept this?

Yes, the copyright belongs to you – the author. What do I do?

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We also have the option to archive datasets created in the course of your research. A period of embargo no access may be requested for a conseny if there are compelling reasons for restricting access to it. Guide to Theses and Dissertations. There are many software programs that convert documents to PDF.

Depositing theses FAQs

This term varies from country to country so be aware that works from other countries eg, USA, Australia, EU the term of the author’s copyright is 70 years from the death of the author. There is also copyright in the print layout of a publication so “layout” copyright will continue for 25 years from the end of the calendar year in which the item was first published.


What does the term Third Party Copyright mean? You grant a non-exclusive license for the University of Auckland to make available the thesis in the University Research Repository, ResearchSpace. My thesis contains images that were fork from an online journal. My thesis is in Latex format and does not convert well to PDF because of the embedded fonts. If we are not able to convert your files then we will digitise from the print copy.

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For more information about Creative Commons see the following websites:. In New Zealand the author’s copyright in a work exists for 50 years from the death of the author. We will also retain the original Latex format files. We use a cover sheet on every copy of the thesis. Tgesis are converted to PDF and a universal reader can view them. The default access option for masters theses is access for thedis University members only.

If you choose an Open Access option, your work will be freely available to anyone over the internet.

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The requirements are outlined in the General Regulations. Depositing a digital thesis Library requirements for print ula Embargo.

Students may include in a thesis quotations or short extracts taken from a copyrighted work under the fair dealing provisions ofrm the Copyright Act provided that such fair dealing is accompanied by a sufficient acknowledgement ie, properly attributed. We can also limit access to the thesis in a number of ways to make your rights clear on re-use.


I put a digital copy of my thesis online a few years connsent and have now published this as a book or a journal article. See the guidelines from the Board of Graduate Studies for a detailed explanation. Yes, we encourage you to keep this information updated and we will create a note to give your work more exposure. Students who completed their thesis prior to this date may deposit a digital copy of their thesis if they wish, provided the consents and access options for deposit are completed.

Can you accept this? As the copyright remains with you it should be up to you the authorwith the thexis of your supervisor, to choose the appropriate restriction rather than the institution.

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Publishers’ policies can vary about making pre-publication material available online. If you wish to restrict download access to these files the University Research Repository administrator will apply this according to your conditions on the consent form.

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However, we do recommend that authors who wish to publish use one of our restricted options until you have published your work. How do I contact the University Research Repository staff? If you select an access option which makes your thesis available online internet exposurethen yes, you need thesie obtain permission.