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The Case Study that you are required to submit as part of your APC submission is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your technical and professional skills through a project that you know very well. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Could you have tackled your key issues in a more efficient manner? Please be aware that this post is not an official RICS guidance. Some of your projects will be more suitable than others and you should start by compiling a short list of your most suitable projects.

You can download the amended template that I have produced here: Which competencies did you develop and how? Case Study — Part 1: I would not recommend more than two keys issues as the strict word count will not permit you to explain them in sufficient depth. Maybe one option that your client rejected? Getting started APC Tips said: Therefore it would be prudent for the candidate to look at their list of experience and ask themselves the question; am I an expert in this?

How did you mitigate this risk? The type of questions you need to answer here may be; What events or constraints led to the key issue?

rics apc case study guidance

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rics apc case study guidance

We also offer a documentation review service once you have completed your draft. Email required Address never made public.

Case Study – Part 1: Selecting your key issue. « APC Tips

Alternatively, we offer face-to-face training for corporate clients across the UK. If this is not the case and you can not reveal all the names and details, I have included an alternative wording which you may amend to suit.


Ask a friend who does not know anything about your project to read your case study to check whether you have suitably expressed yourself. Link it back to Section 2.

Case Study – Part 2: Writing to the requisite format. « APC Tips

Please check our pre-submission services here. Do not hesitate to give one or two precise figures or details if you can. How did you implement your solution? Out of those, in which ones did I get to personally ricw my client? Posted on June 28, Updated on June 23, If for a reason or another you had to heavily deviate from best practice in your short-listed key issue, play it safe and select a different key issue.

What is a good key issue? Do not hesitate to give one or two precise figures or details if you can.

Select your key issue guidanc Write your Case Study to the requisite format Perfect your drafts applying concise and logical reasoning, using accurate vocabulary and demonstrating level 3 competencies. Introduction circa words In this section you are expected to give a brief description of the project, your roles and responsibilities. What is a good key issue? In this section, you just need to explain what happened next.

RICS APC – Delivering in Your Final Assessment

Posted on June 28, Updated on June 23, Out of those, in which ones did the team generally follow industry best practice? Choosing a case study is probably the most important decisions during the APC. What follows gjidance some tips on what you or your colleagues should consider when setting out on their APC. January 7, at 1: Were there several options to overcome this challenge or only one possible course of action?


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: As a rule of thumb, I would recommend discussing your Case Study with your Counsellor 12 months before your final interview. Out of those, in which ones did I get to personally advise my client? What were you aiming to achieve? You may discuss a single key issue if it was particularly complex and enabled you to apply a range of level 3 competencies. What were the results of your analysis?

Further help If you would like to prepare the detailed plan of your Case Study with our APC trainers and discuss with them your key issues and options, we offer one-to-one mentoring sessions either face-to-face Manchester or London only or via Skype. Once you have gathered your list of potential key issues, review them asking yourselves these questions; What was specific to this project or client that led to this challenge?

Responses to questions should be structured and not a response that takes the assessor on a journey as the answer forms in the candidate’s head.