With the clock running, John immediately started to walk around the exercise, moving various pieces of equipment to see how he could use them to achieve his aim. You’re given some individual study time to work out possible solutions and timings, then have to present it to the boarding officers. Next week, we will follow John through the next part of the exercise phase. For more information regarding any of these areas highlighted, please contact your AFCO and they will be able to give you more detailed information regarding specific cases. The boarding officers will watch you develop your plan, and then grill randomly selected members of the group on various aspects of it. The issue has arisen from the early retirement of Nimrod which has heavily reduced the requirement for WSOp recruitment at the moment.

The Board Member then leads the candidate through the possible alternatives and further assessment is based on receptiveness, flexibility, judgement, mental agility, composure, reaction to pressure, and decisiveness. Find More Posts by Winch-control. Remember me Log in. John was directed to pick up his notes, go to his syndicate room and knock on the door. A very nicely written appraisal of the exercise phase at Cranwell. I should have leased it while I still could. He felt quite relieved about this as it gave him another night to prepare.

So practice DST problems whenever you can Mine was a mountain rescue scenario and I was the team leader In the review, John was given a clean bill of health and declared medically fit at this stage only to serve as a pilot; however, he was told that the results of his electrocardiogram and blood tests would remain outstanding and could impact his medical fitness for selection to FB P.

John and the other 5 members of his syndicate walked over to the OASC ready to oas picked up by the OASC control staff outside of their syndicate room at hrs.


You can cancel at anytime. Also for the backroom boys and girls who support the flying and maintain the equipment, and without whom nothing would ever leave the probblem.

oasc problem solving exercises

The setting, chosen from a number available, contains a map and the brief sollving an imaginary situation which the syndicate team has found itself in. Royal Navy Recruiting Test. My only comment would be that the bulletin appears to be written in a tone directed to the younger audience.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If you are having to do long division and coming up with answers involving decimal places you have gone wrong and it’s time for a rapid re-think John entered promptly where he was greeted.

oasc problem solving exercises

Royal Navy Officer Interview Training. You will be questioned on the problem, your solution and the alternatives you considered. It’s quite tricky to keepan eye on the clock, your workings and those of your group to come up with a working product with an alternative as well In this situation you’ll have to demonstrate that you have solivng perseverence to pursue an answer whilst taking into consideration the ideas and inputs of five other people After the briefing, he ran up to his syndicate at the Start Line poblem see whether they had any questions.


The most current and up-to-date RAF Officer interview advice. A very nicely written appraisal of the exercise phase at Cranwell. He further briefed what the team had to do, what equipment they had exfrcises use and other special rules that had to be taken into account. However, there was no time to relax because after the final Command Situation exercise, a boarding officer delivered another briefing explaining the next exercise.



RN – Royal Navy. My apologies to the the staff at OASC. The questioning at the end of the exercise is designed to be tough and assess how well you cope under pressure. Hello all, WSOp Hopeful here. Find More Posts by Chrisdaman. Capitals are not optional at the beginning of sentences! He was also told that he struggled with rxercises solving skills.

RAF Officer OASC | Planning Exercises & SDT | How2become

Afterwards, the candidates would be questioned individually and alone for about 10 minutes on the scenario and their plan. The candidates were then told to sooving to the briefing area and wait.

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At the end of the briefing, each member of the syndicate was given the opportunity to ask questions. In the last bulletin, John had completed the first day of the Exercise Phase having undertaken the Oawc and the Group Planning exercises. With the clock running, John immediately started to walk around the exercise, moving various pieces of equipment to see how he could use them to achieve his aim.

oasc problem solving exercises