But they have a primitive impulse to help the mother, bringing candles and lanterns and company, which shows a willingness to share the pain. As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. This poem is about how the scorpion stung the poets mother and how she escaped and the mother’s love for her children. Or is the scorpion an innocent victim in this drama, doing what only comes naturally in an attempt to protect himself? Ten hours of steady rain had driven him to crawl beneath a sack of rice. This stanza continues into the next in which the speaker continues relaying the words of the peasants. This could also be implying that the shadows of the various house hold utensils and other items are converted by the brain of the searchers into the shadow of a scorpion- as that is what they are looking for.

He even goes so far as to burn paraffin on her toe. A quick succession of stanzas allows for the poem to flow faster. This is a reference to the traditional Hindu belief of reincarnation. We partner with Say Media to deliver ad campaigns on our sites. It starts in a house at night where it is raining and a scorpion, in order to take some shelter, comes to the house.

A scorpion has been forced by persistent rain to seek refuge scorlion, under a sack of rice. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. In most rural Indian small towns. My mother only said Thank God the scorpion picked on me And spared my children.

After graduating he taught English literature, and continued his studies at Birkbeck College, London where he studied Philosophy.

The Night of the Scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel

As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things. Night of the Scorpion does have a twist at the end, welcomed by many readers, disliked by a few.


nissim ezekiel night of the scorpion essay

A nighy of a religious village is created by what the neighbours do to paralyse the scorpion “buzz the name of God”. All this is observed by the speaker, in first person. Please choose the access option you need: He also held a number of professorial positions at the University of Leeds and University of Pondicherry.

Nizsim villagers besides believe in the Karma doctrine. The speaker is displeased by their arrival, comparing them to flies unwanted and irritating as they veritably buzzed around the mother.

Even in such condition, inght mother remains more concerned about the safety and health of her children. The way in which the mother is bitten is also shown in ‘ flash of diabolic tail’; the speaker manages to suggest that the scorpion is demonic with its “diabolic” tail, and emphasises its speed with the word flash.

My mother only said Thank God the scorpion picked on me And spared my children.

Night of the Scorpion by Nissim Ezekiel

In the end there is little any of those present can effectively achieve. Night of the Scorpion. This gives the reader the sense that they believe if they are able to capture and kill the scorpion the mother will be cured. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized. This is a reference to the traditional Hindu belief of reincarnation.

Night of the Scorpion – Wikipedia

Their efforts are in vain. Names and ages are not divulged, suffice to say that ezekoel observations are keen and precise, so the reader can only conclude that this speaker has an exceptional eye for detail. Click to learn more https: My mother twisted through and through, groaning on a mat.


Having being denied proper education facilities, they remain unaware of the truth. In an attempt to assist. The fourth stanza contains seven lines and describes the hunt that the peasants embark on in an effort to find the scorpion. The shadow is representative of their primitive fears, that something Evil is lurking just where they cannot see it.

And all the while the speaker is there, soaking up the atmosphere, articulating, trying to make sense of ritual and rite, behaviour and reaction. Literary Devices – Night Of The Scorpion Alliteration – stung by a scorpion, Parting with his poison, diabolic tail in the dark, risked the rain, poison purfiy, through and through, poured a little paraffin, flame feeding.

Some of these practices will surely seem absurd to a modern reader.

nissim ezekiel night of the scorpion essay

He made Indian English poesy digestible for the common adult male. This is feature allows you to search the site. This image of the scorpion still being in the room only in the form of shadow helps set the scene for the next lines as the peasants struggle to help the mother. Yet, he resorts to using paraffin on the mother’s toe, setting it alight, not a very scientific response. He even poured a little paraffin upon the bitten to e and then fires it up.