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Use of Copyrighted Material. This is for the benefit of those who will read your disquisition at a later date. Prescribes medications and other treatments. What evidence-based measures were applied to the evaluation plan? After you have completed all of the revisions that are required for your Final Examination, complete the following steps:.

Provide education presentations and materials related to the project. These projects might be applied in different settings, for various populations, and by different nursing specialties. For an example, download the example document above. All major headings that appear in the disquisition must be included in the Table of Contents, except for the Title page, the Disquisition Approval page, and the Table of Contents. When you have multiple appendices, highly consider adding a title to each appendix that describes the content of that appendix.

For the preliminary rounds, the audience and competitors will stay in the room while the judges are tabulating the scores. This presentation will last approximately 30 minutes, including time for audience questions guideline student responses.

Copy 1 is kept in the Graduate School files, and Copy 2 is included in the disquisition. In addition, the participants will be educated on the effects of poor oral health condition to various systems of the body with an emphasis on chronic conditions.

In some programs the disertation may evolve through courses on policy and inquiry eventually culminating in the final design of the proposed project before it is launched. Present guidekines project, defend, and obtain approval from the Dissertation Committee, Department of Nursing Chair and NDSU Graduate school indicating that you have met the expectations for rigor and academic excellence commensurate with the expectations for the degree of Doctor of Nursing Practice.


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Workshops are offered several times a semester. MS with a Major in Applied Sociology. Answers to these questions will not affect the score, but it offers an excellent opportunity for you to interact with the audience.

ndsu dissertation guidelines

Review the Clinical Dissertation process. Jamileh Shojaeiarani Mechanical Engineering Prairie 11 a.

Example — Download an example Table of Contents in the correct guiidelines. University of Cincinnati College of Nursing DNP Scholarly Project Process Overview A hallmark of the practice doctorate is the successful completion of a scholarly project demonstrating the synthesis of.

Font and Margins — The font on the Disquisition Approval page must be the same size and type as the rest of your disquisition.


See the current Graduate School Bulletin for dissdrtation information and policies. A systematic examination of the concepts of nursing, human beings, health, and. The community person should be requested after your Clinical Dissertation project is defined. Presentations are to begin with students introducing themselves and identifying their graduate program. Advanced Athletic Training M. Are all of the entries and page numbers correct? Raquib Hasan Pharmaceutical Sciences Hidatsa 11 a.


If you have one appendix, do not number or letter the appendix. Subheadings must meet the following requirements: Start display at page:. Margins — Tables, figures, schemes, and non-text items must fit in the required 1-inch margins. Description Clinical doctoral degrees are distinguished by the completion of a Clinical Dissertation that demonstrates synthesis of the student’s work and lays the groundwork for future practice scholarship.

ndsu dissertation guidelines

Educational Administration, K Educational Leadership. Potentially a committee member may participate in the scholarly dissemination of the Clinical Dissertation project.

Was the presenter careful not to trivialize or generalize didsertation research? Did the PowerPoint slide enhance the presentation? Do not force a line break in the title, but allow it to naturally extend to the margins.

ndsu dissertation guidelines

Provides health maintenance care for adults, including annual physicals. This includes wording, punctuation, and capitalization. Participate actively in the Committee meeting on the Clinical Dissertation proposal. The Clinical Dissertation proposal should include a needs assessment, clear rationale for all project components, and problem statement for the project. Members of the media will also be present; if you are approached, please take the time to talk with them.