From the compulsory wearing of. Dacry ends up getting into some trouble trying to protect her sister. Darcy talked to her grandma about the situation at school. Will you ever find out who is the stalker? Send Us Site Feedback.

The suspense got to be so great, that I could feel the action like drums banging my eardrum. She finds out that it is no stalker and her father is trying to get back in her and her sister’s lives. Reader reviewed by Chelsea Wilson the book lost and found was so cool it was like a semi adventer there is some suspence and love and even some heart breaks. Jamee came home and had a black eye almost closed her eye up. It means he still cares for them. Writers Workshop Regular Forums. Jamee thinks Darcy is just jealous of her and Bobby, because Darcy is a sophomore with no boyfriend, Jamee stated that girls would die to be in her shoes.

To ask other readers questions about Lost and Foundplease sign up. Question 6 I identify Book Name: And the problems that Darcy deals with are all pretty realistic.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

If you like books with mistery that make you think and make you wonder whats going to happen next then this the right book for you. Home Reviews Book Reviews lost and found by anne schraff lost and found by anne schraff May 9, So she has to take action and safe the family and her sister.


This article has 24 comments. Welcome to Bluford High. In my opinion I LOVED this book because its juicy and is filled with drama,Anne Scharff essxy make a movie about this book because its about an everyday struggle in high school and about an affect on how two girls Jamie and Darcy’s father that aren’t in their life’s.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Darcy was a very shy and stuck up kinda girl well thats what everyone thought about her in her school. I find this story schrafd be nightmarish, engaging, and very realistic. In the beginning of my book Darcy Wills What I learned in this book is Darcy Wills has a man stocking her and she does not know what to do.

This might be the right one for you. First, there was a mysterious stranger following her home, and then there was a threatening note left on her desk.

Essay on lost and found by anne schraff?

But only one question remains “What is Darcey going to do? Then her father begins to stalk her.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer. Essay on lost and found by anne schraff?

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So he felt he had to get away and live his life with excitement before he dies. To view it, click here.

Anne paid her way through college by writing short stories for magazines. There is one in particular that I believe is the best. While she was waiting at a bus stop, she noticed a silver toyota.


It also had feeling in it, you could see or feel how they felt and how it was affecting them.

Lost and Found by Anne Schraff | Teen Ink

I know my friends feel the same way!!!! Lost and Found is the first book of all. Do they all get together like the past or did their dad adn again? It was in mid-October so it would be cold, of course. Email me when someone replies. Ann The world of the tavern: Apr 05, Kaylee Martinez rated it really liked it.

Lost and found by anne schraff book report

But I don’t feel like they will be there. Grandma woke founnd and told Darcy that Jamee was talking about the mountains and Darcy thought that were Jamee might be. Jamee left she had to escape from everything, she made a decision that sacred her whole family. I would recommend this book to anyone that likes types of mystery and drama books. Exciting mistery Reader reviewed by Karen Contreras This book is so intresting.

The loxt of my book is realistic fiction.