Herders also clean the barn. Tsagaan Sar is a family festival, which is celebrated on the first day of the Lunar new year to put some cheer in the endless. Horseback Mongolia is a Franco-Mongol travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar since Just what is Tsagaan Sar, you ask? Stay with a family of yaks herderds’ cooperative.

It is one of the most important events for all Mongols across the country. Life in the Countryside. These two festivals, which are passed down from ancestors, are a cultural heritage that all visitors can experience while in Mongolia. The traditional Mongolian wedding ceremony has slowly changed over time. Send us your request, and we will answer you within 24 hours. The Culture of Mongolia has been heavily influenced by the Mongol nomadic way of life. On this day, families put a feast of sheep rump, layers of traditional cookies that erected on large plates by odd numbers and decorate with candies and dairy products, airag fermented mares milk , rice cooked with curd, steamed and boiled dumplings and much more on the table.

Witness this spectacular Buddhist festival first hand with Panoramic. The Mongolia Society invites you to celebrate Tsagaan Sar.

It used to be a herder holiday many years ago. Herders also clean the barn. This way, the feast continues officially for three days, but in practice, it often goes on much longer when family members travel long distances to greet one another. Stay with a family of yaks herderds’ cooperative. We turn now to accounts of recent gift giving during Tsagaan Sar celebrations in Mongolia, from the countryside.


During the two days of Tsagaan Sar and often during the following weekMongolians visit their whole family ; they can visit ten families in one day. Everyone then shares traditional Mongolian food and offers goodwill to each other.

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The next morning, people get up before sunrise, get dressed in their nicest clothes and walk in directions prescribed by the zodiac to start the new year in the right direction. Mongolians cook three important dishes for the event.

The cycle Mongolian Lunar Calendar is named after the twelve animals: These are published in the newspaper and are determined according to Chinese zodiac. Candles are lit to illuminate the Samsara and all the beings who reached the Buddha phase. Mongolian Culture Nomadic based culture.

essay about tsagaan sar

International Departures and with everyone decked out in their new Tsagaan Sar finery perhaps not quite an essay. Around the New Year families burn candles at the altar symbolizing Buddhist enlightenment.

Tsagaan Sar – A National Holiday of Mongolia

Therefore, since the determination of this month of Tigers as the premier and beginning of the Mongolian Lunar new year, 8 centuries have passed and The Mongols have been celebrating this great celebration over the past hundred years.

Every ssr the Mongolians celebrate Tsagaan Sar or New Year between winter and spring the exact date depends on the lunar calendar.

essay about tsagaan sar

Payment Terms and Conditions. Mongol Uls is the Mongolian word for Mongolia. The Mongolian government announced tsagaan sar as a public holiday in the s.


Tsagaan Sar, the Mongolian New Year festival; Tsaagan, the dinosaur Tagaan mangas technically a misspelling This disambiguation page lists articles associated. Images and articles on Mongolian culture and history, Mongolian history-online resources, including Indo-Mongolian Society lecture papers.


During the night, the families prepare a big dinner with much food. Buuz are the traditional dish for New Year. Are you celebrating New Year in a good way? Mongolian traditional holiday Tsagaan Sar Saf. Get in touch We will contact you within 24 hours. Horseback Mongolia is a Franco-Mongol travel agency based in Ulaanbaatar since Thus, Mongolians have a religious ritual called “Khiymorio sergeekh” to call good ysagaan.

Tsagaan Sar white moon or white month is the Mongolian lunisolar New Year festival.

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Security, quality support and comfort are our main concerns. Traditional food for the festival includes a grilled side of sheep and minced beef or minced lamb steamed inside pastry, a dish known as buuz.

Hello I am Enguerran from “Horseback Mongolia”. The Culture of Mongolia has been heavily influenced by the Mongol nomadic way of life.

After meal, when the guests are ready to leave, the host offers them a gift.