The Secondary Constituent Power 15 1. For a comprehensive analysis of the doctrine see S Krishnaswamy, Democracy and Constitutionalism in India: At the outset, it is important to admit that from a purely practical point of view, in order to avoid the double amendment procedure tactic, a clever constitution- maker would draft self-entrenched unamendable provisions, i. But amendment powers are not unlimited, and this unamendability limits only governmental organs — those authorities delegated with the competence to amend the constitution — rather than the people themselves. In other words, the primary constituent power can place limits on the secondary constituent power.

This article has examined the notion of supra-constitutional limits on the constitutional amendment powers. The theory advanced in this article is much wider as it supports implicit limitations on the amendment power, even if not explicitly written in the constitutional text. The two theories should be regarded as mutually reinforcing, rather than exclusive. Pillsbury, The War Amendment, N. Frochot proposed that there be a differentiation between partial and total change to the Constitution, believing that each involves a fundamentally different power. This amendment conferred vast powers, such as detention without trial on the Executive whenever it believed its execution was required. Nevertheless, there is a growing tendency to argue for supra-constitutional limitations on amendments in the form of international or regional law.

The delegated amendment constituaht, as a rational understanding of that delegation, must be substantively limited, whether these limits are explicitly stated in the constitution or not.

Constitutionalists, surely, would not support this idea.

Such an argument should be rejected. The Rule of the Constitution 40 4.

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This article progresses as follows: Primary and Secondary Constituent Powers Due to the complexity of the concept of the amendment power and its relations with the constituent power, various versions have developed in the literature to describe these concepts. Craig and Richard Rawlings eds. The Eventual Superiority of Domestic Constitutional Law Certainly, a decision by a supranational tribunal that a constitutional provision is incompatible with international law grants the domestic court a powerful tool, for rationalization as well as legitimation, when adjudicating consti- tutional amendments that breach binding supranational law.


Julien Oudot best illustrated this in Section II explores the idea of natural law limitations on constitutional amendments in theory and in practice, as applied and debated in various jurisdictions, most notably in German and Irish jurisprudence. Skip to main content. Such a framework, notwithstanding its simplicity, is insufficient to encompass the complicated relationship constituznt basic concepts such as democracy, constitutionalism, and judicial review.

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From the theory of puovoir, it can be argued that in those numerous and limited cases in which constitutions allow for their total revision, this authorisation is an explicit permissibility given to the delegated amending authority to revise the entire pouvoor.

It is distinguished from constituent power in that it ought to be comprehended in terms of delegation, but it is also a distinctive form of a constituted power. Tulis, Stephen Macedo eds. The second limitation derives from the first one, but it is one logical step forward: As has been argued in this article, natural law theory seems inadequate to function as a limitation to constitutional amendments. According to the Volksinitiative, asylum seekers who enter the state unlawfully would be deported immediately and without the option of appeal.

From the fact that the constitution does not contain any explicit limitations, it may be inferred that the amendment power is intended to be very wide.

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They certainly do not aim to deny the importance of international or regional legal systems. A Research Agenda, 10 U. On process arguments see Michael C. Constitutional Courts as Guardians of the Constitution?


On the one hand, in order to maintain itself and progress with time, a constitution must be able to change and adapt. Christopher Bryant, Stopping Time: The secondary constituent power, as a delegated power, acts as a trustee of the primary constituent power. The majority held that as no explicit limitations exist on the amending power with the exception not to violate the Anglo-Irish Treatythe amendment was therefore formally valid and there can be no substantive judicial review of amendments.

See also John R. A survey of the realizations of the relevant constitutional principles and an analysis whether the constitutional amendment remains within this framework appears to be the best solution. The theory of delegation manages to explain all types of unamendable provisions.

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On 4 Septemberthe Third National Assembly of Taiwan ratified condtituant 5th Amendment to the Constitution, which extended the National Assembly term to two additional years. See, for example, Robert G.

With regard to the scope of unamendability, the more detailed the unamendable provision is and the wider its scope, the greater its tension with democracy, because it would place a larger number of principles or rules beyond the reach of any majority. Smelser and Paul B. In its actions, the court guards the constitution.

dissertation pouvoir constituant originaire pouvoir constituant dérivé