While our committee is quite small we have an enthusiastic band of helpers and would like some more. General Find one interesting Geography related story in the news. Bullers Wood school fieldwork trip to the South Coast takes place between the 15th and 18th of October. Only once the results of the March exams have been issued, will discussions take place with individuals about possible resits or about using the time to concentrate on their other subjects. Registration Forgot your password? In addition to class work, you are required to undertake 5 hours homework per week minimum for Geography outside of lessons mix of guided and independent study. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form.

You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. To give information about exams, revision sessions and final practical exams. Published by Tyler Evans Modified over 3 years ago. All other students will continue to study maths and prepare for the June exams. Cities and Urban Land Use.

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bullers wood summer homework

What follows is some important information for you to homeeork prior to embarking upon your Geography AS journey. Do you think it was successful?

We work together to make the school a better place. Cities and Urban Land Use.


bullers wood summer homework

In your exam you will need to know some examples of rebranding. AP Human Geography Mid. The dates of the exams are: Many changes and innovations have come about through the work of the School Council.

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Perhaps you might want to go on a visit to the London Docklands Museum to help you answer the following questions? While our committee is quite small we have an enthusiastic band of helpers and would like some more.

Wednesday 18 th May p. Minutes are taken and action notes recorded and allocated to members to implement.

All ideas that have come from students! We think you have liked this presentation.

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Make sure she is attending any after wpod or holiday sessions. Each term the school council has representatives speaking at both year and main school assemblies updating the students and promoting student voice. Encourage small amounts of revision during any free time. Upload document Create flashcards.

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We also introduced picnic benches, to allow more eating space and improved the link block toilets. Use one or more of the recommended revision guides. We are looking to significantly enhance our income from this to support improvements around the school which will deliver improvements for as many students as possible. Then two members from each year council are nominated to represent their year at the school council meeting.


bullers wood summer homework

Find at least 2 pictures of the London Docklands before If you wish to download it, please recommend su,mer to your friends in any social system. Working through the syllabus in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Friends of Bullers Wood.

Bullers Wood School Year 11 Examination Information Evening Wednesday 7th November 2012.

Several locations linked to Rebranding and Coasts are investigated: You should write the answers to the following questions up as a report. There are numerous revision websites available but especially: Exam Dates English Woodd Paper 1: To give some advice about revision.

Should you have any questions about Geography at Bullers Wood or about the holiday tasks, please do not hesitate to email me Mr Weeks at: If you have any other ideas or issues that you would like the school council to discuss please speak to any of the council representatives who will forward your thoughts to the council.

Think about the sustainability, environment, society and economy.