So, i think you should improve yourself to write a reasonable thesis at the end of the degree. This manual has been developed to provide broad guidelines to the students and help them in preparing their project synopsis and final report. Research begins with defining a topic in which a student may be interested and willing to put effort. If you copy these projects as it is, it would only create problems for you in the Viva section. Iam doing MBA from AIOU mmy al subjects are clear but since 2 yrs i can’t done my research project plz somebody help me what should i do to get degree. Can you make three synopsis till friday?

Because you are ignoring those students who have been passed and finilized their thesis. K and USA and further pursuing their careers in fields of their choice As quality management officer during a drug company, i used to be liable for implementing quality management principles of parent company Ms Schering noble metal, FRG during a drug company situated in city — Pakistan. Its professional study and one should behave professional not a primary school student. I submit internship report on bankIslami.

AIOU COL MBA Thesis Topics

Find a broad topic and do a little preliminary work, perhaps making a shortlist of mbx areas of interest. Effect of Intellectual Capital on Organizational Performance: How many are independents and dependents?

I wonder, people who are expecting a complete guidance about their research like a school kid at such high degree program.

aiou col mba thesis

Good day and Check yourself before pointing on others. I think these figures are enough to make thesis process questionable. Posted by Unknown at We hope it will help you to finish your research in good shape.


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In my opinion all what is required is to break this vicious cycle for which students are suffering. Introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussion and conclusion area unit parts of this thesis.

I know its a bit difficult but trying it number of times ll definitely yield into success Unfortunately process of thesis hasn’t been outlined properly.

I am also Agree with this matter they are provoking students to do else. And the other students of my calss fellow have also passed 14 subjects but they have nothing any information about “thesis”.

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Saba ap preshan na ho in ka time isi tara mva ha me b b. It is a bit difficult to pass and i would suggest tips: Zaheer but i would agree that we didn’t get enough support from AIOU to do our thesis.

I am also in trouble due to research report. All research reports normally use the same format. Friends do u ever ask ur boss about the projects guide which assigned u during ur job?

The difference will be in the contents.

aiou col mba thesis

The Supervisor said me why you choose that bank, you could get internship fake certificate of any bank. Effect of leadership style on climate for innovation with an intervening role of organizational culture; a study of healthcare sector fol Pakistan.


List of AIOU COL MBA Research Proposal Topics

Sadly there is no comment from the person to whom this was addressed. I m agree this complaint becus the professor of thesis is totally mad he is highly expectations to the students and even the students not know what is research and thesis aiku not a good study. Please Sir i request you give me F. Significance of the Study 1. Your email address will not be published. Preliminary literature review gave ME marvelous data regarding each these subjects quality management and provide chain management.

AIOU Thesis Topics for Col MBA – COL MBA Projects|Synopsis|Free download AIOU MBA Projects|

A study of textile spinning units. The aim of the project proposal must be to ensure that:. Student Privacy is our utmost priority we guarantee that all information any student shares will be kept in complete confidence and no information about a student will be shared with anyone for any purposes.

aiou col mba thesis

We have studied many Project Report, articles, notes, books, and Thesis etc. After two iterations my project work also got approved and I was aioh to submit the final copies and was allowed to appear for next viva. They want AIOU to pay more for supervision of each project.