Complete Guide and List for Annual incidence per persons with age and sex standardization was calculated for the entire province. Incidence of potentially avoidable urgent readmissions and their relation to all-cause urgent readmissions. In our validation study, we discovered that most of the false positive cases represented UGIB due to other causes e. GP-WO Control of bleeding in small and large intestine using percutaneous transluminal transarterial approach 1. Consequently, central regionalization of patients with severe UGIB secondary to PUD to centers with access to specialized interventions may improve province-wide health outcomes.

Shimatani T S- Editor: Reassuringly, our predictors of surgery, in-hospital mortality, and d readmission remained similar to our primary analysis when we restricted our study population to patients with a concurrent upper endoscopy procedural code. Find natural treatments and home remedies for acid reflux and heartburn. Current features of peptic ulcer disease in Finland: These ICD codes were selected for validation because they have previously been used to investigate ulcer-related causes of hemorrhage using administrative databases[ 5 ].

Applications Outcome data can aid in the care of patients in multiple ways. International Classification of Diseases is a set of codes used by hospital health records to document diseases. However, when we restricted the study population to those coded in the primary diagnostic position i.

Bing Li for providing administrative data. Improving quality of care in peptic ulcer bleeding: GP-WO Control of bleeding in small and large intestine using percutaneous transluminal transarterial approach 1. Please review our privacy policy.

Upper-gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to peptic ulcer disease: Incidence and outcomes

Peer review In this manuscript, the authors tried to evaluate the incidence, surgery, mortality, and readmission of upper gastrointestinal bleeding secondary to peptic ulcer disease in the province of Alberta, Canada. Epidemiology, Peptic ulcer hemorrhage, Digestive system surgical procedures, Mortality, Endoscopy, Validation studies, Incidence.


Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy; Normal: Encourage increase fluid intake of 1. Limitations to our study should be considered.

Reflux treatment; Acid Reflux. Future studies are needed to assess whether greater access to gastroenterologists in rural areas would improve outcomes for PUD. Heterogeneity between countries may be explained by the time period of study, the age distribution of populations, prevalence of comorbidities, and differences in UGIB management practices, which may be influenced by factors such as availability of endoscopy and utilization of pharmacotherapies such as proton pump inhibitors and prokinetics.

Healthcare workers can use our findings to guide patient management. Furthermore, the administrative database lacked clinically meaningful information that likely influenced the outcomes of surgery, mortality, and readmissions. Wound bed preparation as a clinical strategy helps clinicians address the issues of Cole M et al.

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Everything started after one big dose of ibuprofen before sleep. BR-BL Control of syudy in small and large intestine 1. Readmission to hospital for a recurrent UGIB was more common in rural areas, where access to gastroenterologists is lacking.

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Peptic ulcer disease PUD is a medical condition where the lining of the stomach or duodenum is damaged, which can lead to upper gastrointestinal bleeding UGIB.

It is assumed that the burden of PUD has lessened due to advancements in endoscopic techniques, reduced prevalence of Helicobacter pylori H. Inconsistencies in reported outcomes among previous studies may be explained by several factors. SH Total excision of stomach 1.

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Further, we demonstrated that patients with a bleeding duodenal ulcer have a worse prognosis than those with gastric ulcers. Our study period was only seven years, which may be too short to meaningfully assess temporal trends.


ugib case study scribd

Thus, our study population ranged from to Alberta Health and Wellness; The province of Alberta, Canada, has a public, single payer healthcare system, which provides medical and surgical care to its population of 3. Duodenal ulcers had a worse prognosis than gastric ulcers. Hands that are contaminated may easily spread the bacteria to utensils and surfaces used in food preparation hence hand washing after each bowel movement is the most efficient way to prevent the transmission of infection to others.

The incidence of UGIB secondary to PUD, need for surgical management, and mortality observed in Alberta was similar to findings around the world that have published outcomes since Epidemiology The incidence of acute UGIB is per adults You can expect some pain and discomfort following gastric sleeve surgery; however the condition can be Disclaimer: Food; Alkaline Foods; List of causes of Bloody stool and Mouth ulcers alternative diagnoses rare causes misdiagnoses patient stories and much more.

Furthermore, to improve the quality of care for rural residents, we need to explore ways to increase their access to gastrointestinal health services.