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Successful completion of HSC and including research poster presentation and thesis, or SPA including thesis and depending on BHS major, and no student conduct or honor code violations. Distinction of magna cum laude will be given upon recommendation of both supervisors after evaluation of the thesis. If you do not receive a confirming email within 1 business day, please call to inquire. Student must satisfy the B. Thesis Format The Microbiology and Cell Science honors thesis format recommends following the CALS honors thesis guidelines with respect to font and page formatting, content and layout i. For the high and highest distinctions you must accomplish undergraduate research and write a thesis. Department recommends the distinction awarded.

The Thesis Proposal must be first approved by the departmental reviewer Dr. The final copy of your entire thesis and form is submitted electronically to UF at http: If enrolling for 0 credit, there is no tuition charge. Download PDF of this page. Note the importance of the key-words entry. Music education majors must complete the project prior to student teaching. Student with a GPA of 3.

A Department of the University of Florida. Back to Top M. Students in all honors distinctions must satisfactorily complete the honors program. The distinction of magna cum laude is based on an evaluation of the thesis by the faculty advisor and second reader. Distinction of magna or summa cum laude is based on faculty evaluation of the thesis.


uf cals honors thesis

In terms of thesis length, you should aim for double-spaced pages excluding references. Turn on more accessible mode. You also must submit an electronic copy of your final thesis to the departmental academic advisor Dr.

Graduating With Honors

Send Page to Printer. Student must write a thesis that fulfills the department’s honors standards. A committee of at least three vals members evaluates the thesis and makes a recommendation to the astronomy adviser regarding the level of honors awarded. Upon completion, the thesis is reviewed by the department’s undergraduate committee, which also conducts an oral examination.

uf cals honors thesis

In the fall semester, student must pass the History Honors Seminar: Members of the Freshmen Honors Program must earn at thesix a 3. Distinction of summa cum laude requires a 3. Student must earn a 3.

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Independent research in agricultural and life sciences leading to an honors thesis. Thu, 1 Feb Bryan Korithoski bkorithoski ufl. Students should check with an academic adviser for complete details. This applies to both the baccalaureate and Honors Scholar Certificate programs.

CLAS majors take your original copy to: To graduate with honors, students must meet the college requirements for cum laude, magna cum laude or summa cum laude. The university offers three levels of honors: In a nutshell writing a thesis requires that you first maintain a minimum 3.


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If your mentor requests that you register for a non-BSC undergraduate research course e. In consultation with the primary advisor, the student should identify the second faculty member no later than the mid-point of the semester.

uf cals honors thesis

Student must complete a senior honors thesis while taking SYA I learn best from doing and I have never forgotten my time working on this project. Senior Thesis and write an acceptable thesis.

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Completion of an approved research project or creative work. The undergraduate coordinator, in consultation with that committee, will determine the distinction awarded.

Student must complete a thesis, which may be written for independent study credit in the primary supervisor’s department but not for cluster credit. Student must complete and defend a thesis.

Successful completion of HSC and including research poster presentation and thesis, or SPA including thesis and depending on BHS major, and no student conduct or honor code violations. Students registered with the Disability Resource Center may be allowed to vary honkrs number of credits required, but not the GPA requirement, following certification by the DRC.