This is a term that can sometimes strike fear — or at least confusion — into first year students. You can probably find definitions of terms in one of the recommended books, by looking in the introduction or first chapter. Explain the importance of your own piece of work particularly in the case of the dissertation in this context: Are there more than two sides? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can experiment with planning different ways of organising the information.

The overall structure will be as follows: Next, search in the content pages and index of the book to identify relevant sections. Then, somehow, an academic shadow falls and the rest of book could almost be written by a different person. Ask and answer questions on academic writing on our Moodle forum: Is it asking you to compare two things, to describe and account for change over time, to explain why something was at is was?


This is good advice. Unfortunately, rather than seeing this as creative thinking, the academic community will be more likely to see it as lacking suitable evidence, examples or support.

The question should give you a steer towards what kind of structure will work best. The report will first consider a more nuanced definition of coaching, along with an outline of current themes in the way coaching is discussed in the literature. This could take some time. Next, search in the content pages and index of the book to identify relevant sections.


Is it asking for a critical discussion of an article or book chapter? All good writing is clear.

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By argumentwe mean a well-supported and gemplate analysis. In an academic context, your opinion is much more “interesting” if it is an opinion about another piece of academic work or evidence from research, rather than something completely unsupported.

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About aipsmith View all posts. Sometimes people think the advice given above sounds strange, as esday want to give their own view, but you need to remember the context in which you are writing.

Templae there more than two sides? Choose an organisation that seems logical and that will be easy to read and follow. We are not asking you to write a polemic. Definitely going to apply this to my writing! They are asking for a direct response. They should all logically build on each other.

ucl essay template

Search for the criteria in the handbook using the ‘Search’ function. This conversation may contribute to the development of the coachee while potentially enhancing the individual’s work within the organisation templaate discussed by Boyatzis, Smith and Blaize, Are there two sides? If you are not provided with a reading list, you should try to identify a textbook which provides an overview of the field, such as an introductory textbook.

ucl essay template

Please remember that this essat only one example. You may find it helpful to write these last. It is important to organise the work around a clear, focused question.


This is an important aspect of the essay, but many people find it templte. Nevertheless, there are certain elements which are common to most essays or dissertations on most subjects: Do not spend too much time on it at the beginning.

For the main body, make sure you plan how many sections you need to answer the question or address the title in the way you planned in step three above.

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We want to hear your voice. This is a term that can sometimes strike fear — or at least confusion — into first year students. Usually, in a straightforward essay, the best evidence comes from published work.

You may also need a brief definition of templatee terms. The evidence needs to be taken from the reading you have done and don’t forget you will report it with references, as described below. Finally, two general pieces of advice: Each of these approaches may require a different structure. There is no prescribed way to write an essay or dissertation.