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Application at host institution or organisation Register and apply for your exchange at the host institution following their requirements and regulations. It was a pleasure to have welcomed you all at the Go Abroad fair! End of your exchange Before returning home, you need to get the Certificate of Departure signed by the responsible person at the host organisation or institution. Have a look at the programme specific pages and find out when and where you can go. Next to that, Norways nature was a great bonus: LSTS nurtures a bottom-up interdisciplinary approach, whereby multiple disciplinary scientific practices and research meet, seek mutual interest and understanding, and build up articulations that remain respectful of the different constraints of the disciplines involved, their own way of constructing questions and issues and their mutual impacts. Note that you can only apply at the host institution once IRMO has nominated you.

It was a pleasure to have welcomed you all at the Go Abroad fair! Often non-EU universities select strictly, you can therefore choose a back-up destination within Europe for which your Faculty will nominate you. The International Relations Office can help you out. Wednesday 14 November, It is therefore mandatory to express your interest by filling in this online form and choose a maximum of 3 countries of preference. Administration The Education and Student Administration.

You need to contact your Exchange Coordinator if you wish to do this traineeship in a non-EU country. Monday – Tuesday – Friday 9 AM Have a look at the programme specific pages and find out when and where you can go. News of our faculty Reechten news.

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The Faculties will prioritise using their own standards. Openbare verdediging tot het behalen van de academische graad van Doctor in de Wetenschappen van All your questions will be treated confidentially and your specific situation will be considered. Regulations Rules and forms Reglementen en formulieren.


This is an official document and obligatory for all exchanges for studies or a traineeship that are part of your VUB study programme. Your exchange needs to be officially confirmed after the exam period by your VUB Faculty too see general procedure.

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Changes to the Learning Agreement have to be motivated reason for change and need to be academically approved at the host institution or rechyen and at VUB Exchange Coordinator. Extra Language courses Entrepreneurship Start. There are loads of opportunities to go abroad while you are studying at VUB and loads of good reasons why you should look into it.

General information on the possibilities to do a traineeship as yhesis of your VUB curriculum can be found here. Programme Course registration Apply for exemptions Learning path counselling Download grades Faculty administration Internship Bachelor or master thesis. Create an international mindset Develop a global network of friends See the world while studying or doing an internship Grab a once in a lifetime opportunity Increase your self-confidence Improve your language skills.

Do you want to organise an event related to internationalisation and you need some extra funds? thessis

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This depends on a. It was a pleasure to have welcomed you all at the Go Abroad fair! Once approved from VUB’s side, you send the Learning Agreement to the person academically responsible at the host institution or organisation in case of traineeships who needs to approve and sign.

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This eligibility check is based on criteria set by your Faculty or specific study programme. Scholarships International Relations Office. Get your Certificate uvb Arrival signed by the responsible person at the host organisation or institution. Students eligible for a scholarship from a scholarship programme managed by the Thesidwill receive an email with the scholarship administration documents. Nederlands English Portal for. This group of students will receive an email informing them about the necessary administrative steps.


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Non-EEA-students can be entitled if they have a permanent residence in Belgium. The institutions in Asia have an offer in English. More information on the different scholarships and its specific requirements such as signing of the grant agreement, other necessary administration, payment scheme can be found here.

Start preparing for your application well in advance. Find more information here. Faculty of law and criminology Building C – 4th floor Room 4.

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Official approval exchange After the exam period depending whether you have to retake exams, this will be at the beginning tbesis July or September the VUB Faculty evaluates and officially approves your study abroad.

There are a few ways to help you finance your studies or traineeships abroad: Prolongation exchange Not all students can prolong their exchange, regulations are set by each Faculty contact your Exchange Coordinator for more information. Friday 24 May, Going on an thdsis doesn’t mean you have to move across the globe.