Quality and efficiency of my code in LaTeX3? The error it says is as follows: Xepersian equivalant persian commands not working I am getting an error of “Undefined control sequence. Learning to write an article with Xepersian from a to z [closed] I have to make a Latex file out of my article in three days and my article is in Farsi. Amir Qasemi 3 3.

How can I have a Since I’m using the xepersian package, it did not work. I want to put two figures beside. I tried to open the TeX files with Texmaker Parisa Rekavandi 6 2.

Distortion of Farsi alphabets to unknown alphabets I have some TeX files including formulas, tables, etc.

Sasan 2 8. Maesumi 3, 4 33 Tisha Shusho 77 6. I have the following document: Persian-bib with Polyglossia eample Xepersian packages I’am writing my thesis in Latex with Polyglossia package where Arabic is the main language, I have a problem with the inverted comma in Arabic citations nad references, shows xeperdianbut it should be Problem running xepersian with xelatex I have to test something with the Persian language but it already fails in the preamble.


thesis sample xepersian

How to check the existence of some characters in a font using a loop? It seems that the linespacing varies throughout the document.

CTAN: Package xepersian

I wrote this simple code: However, I need to use TeX Live as the engine. As an exercise in learning LaTeX3, I would like to replace the following 7 functions, copied from xepersian. BillyJean 1 11 I have downloaded the newest version of Mactex.

thesis sample xepersian

Learn moreā€¦ Top users Synonyms. Problem in using fncychap and xepersian packages I want to use a different style for the book document class.

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I’m generating colored and underlined section using this: Quality and efficiency of my code in LaTeX3? Quotes face the wrong way with xepersian and csquotes When I try to use ghesis along with xepersian, the quotation marks come out facing the wrong way for right-to-left text.

Actually I searched for separating article’s authors on the internet.

I tried to open the TeX files with Texmaker Unicorn Meta Zoo 3: I have written my PhD thesis in Persian language using xepersian package. Controlling vertical space between text and underline in ulem I’m using ulem to add colored underline for sections.


Also the code is Hadi Safi aghdam 1 7 9. thdsis

thesis sample xepersian

I want the explanations depersian from right side, but the equations inside definition align left and What is the problem with compiling this tex file? I have done but critical footnotes is written from left to right. Xepersian inverse decimal numbers with period. A sample that returns this error is this one: I use floatrow environment.

How Can I put two figures beside in floatrow environment?

Some sample XePersian files | Professor Bijan Taeri

Parisa Rekavandi 6 2. What is the best text editor for bidi texts? But I want something like this: Hadi Karimi 41 7.