All records pertaining to cases of violence against women and their children including those in the barangay shall be confidential and all public officers and employees and public or private clinics to hospitals shall respect the right to privacy of the victim. The researchers recommend government officials to provide regular baranggay-level women empowerment orientations and Anti-VAWC Law seminars to teach women and children the rights and protection guaranteed by the Anti-VAWC Law for them against abuses and violence which they may get. In order for a law enforcement officer to be successful he or she must be mentally fit as well as physically fit. This is beneficial to the city itself for this is attractive to the investors and capitalist. Profile of the Respondent Age in years Category 61 and above Count 36 15 13 4 2 Percentage Sexual Violence is sexual in nature inflicted against a woman or her child. Sampling Procedure The Distribution The distribution was a summary of the frequency of individual values or ranges of values for a variable.

On February 16, , House Bill No. As used in this Act, it includes the biological children of the victim and other children under her care. Molod Arantxa Stefi L. Our country, being democratic, upholds the dignity of every citizen and the equal protection of the law Philippine Constitution, Art. Notes and Commentaries on Special Penal Laws: The second and the third were Psychological Violence and Economic Abuse, respectively while Sexual Violence, got the last place. To what extent is the level of awareness of the respondents about RA in terms of the following:

What is the profile of the respondent in terms of: They are also more likely to experience or to commit violence in the future.

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Civil Status 34 respondents we have surveyed are single. Outside of professional sports, there are few careers that are as physically challenging and dangerous as law enforcement.


Since Filipinos are family-oriented, it is very important to know this law. Albert Bandura is a psychologist of Stanford University. This in turn seriously undermines the law. Most respondents are aware of the cases they could file against their husbands. About 50 percent of men who assault their wives also bring physical abuse to their children. Theis its enactment came the elimination of the legal distinction between the private and the public as the law recognized abuses committed against women by their intimate partners as a violation of human rx.

Furthermore, the researchers recommend future researchers to increase the number of respondents to a higher variable to make findings more significant. Women are stereotyped as weak because naturally women are serious in what they feel and what others made them feel. Awareness of the 32 Item 4 asks the respondents, if a boyfriend does not give financial support to his girlfriend whom he has a common child with, then can she file a VAWC case?

thesis ra 9262

It is also classified as a highly urbanized city. The number of reported cases, however, do not necessarily reflect the real frequency of abuse in an area.


This research study seeks to examine RA We will be calling you within this week to ask about the possibility of setting up a time for us to talk in person. It is therefore, to be addressed before it became into a big social problem. KPM 5A59 3.

Thus, an allegation of physical abuse is considered as a persuasive factor in the grant of a protection order. It only means to say that most respondents have heard or knows of the Anti-VAWC Law but when it comes to its terms and conditions they are not strongly aware of it.


The data are presented in tabular form organized in sequential manner. Truly, the City Government of Muntinlupa is holding to its vision that declares: Is the government at fault in situations of abuse of women and children because of poor implementation or dissemination of the law?

Has the government exerted efforts to fully reach out to help the victims? Further, the State realizes that equality of men and women entails the abolition of the unequal structures and practices that perpetuate discrimination and inequality.

Women’s Awareness on the Law on Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children

Most of the respondents expressed that they have acquired awareness on intimate partner violence from watching television. This only shows that our respondents are able to understand the situation and conditions of the victims since most of them are parents.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Conduct of educational training to the community as information drive to the awareness of VAWC cases.

It also refers to the women and children victims of VAWC. This will be answered by this present study especially in the aspect of human thessi — specifically, the R.

thesis ra 9262

Violence against women law. The researchers, however, did not conceptualize this research to study the changes brought upon by the enactment of the law tbesis to find who is to be blamed if there is poor implementation.