What is the point of blocking us and uTorrent. What are you most concerned about or would like more advice on: Ok I am only 66 and probably not responsible enough! Many users are surprised to find that Facebook and YouTube are blocked at those times. Any help will be useful. If I remember correctly the blOck message does not mention a time And simply says Facebook block for social networking.

I did not even Switch home safe on and now I cant access Facebook Youtube or likedin. It would cost a lot of money to store so much data, what was in it for them? I am now blocked from several websites. This is something TalkTalk will not tell you. They came up with a similar system called WebWise — a system that would keep customers safe and protect them from visiting sites with viruses. And even worse, every website owner out there can not stop this happening either. Follow these links to learn more or download this information.

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It also potentially doubles dos attacks. I am now homeeork from several websites. See all broadband packages. Follow these links to learn more or download this information.

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What is annoying tho, I am not even a Talk Talk customer. But he does LIVE on the talktalk forums……………. Speed 35Mbps, Unlimited Gift: Here are seven reasons why you should not rely on TalkTalk HomeSafe.

Google talktqlk much more information the what pages you vist and these are not linked to you so are untraceable. Oh jolly good as a elderly person just what I wanted, to do someone elses job for them I really need this sorted to be able to buy my shopping, may be I shoud look for a new broadband if TT cant put right their errors.


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But the system is full of holes, and is about as useful as an umbrella made out of swiss cheese. After a month of e mails, phone calls they sent an engineer. So Chinese equipment provider is helping British homes fight cybercrime, all data goes back to China, watch out! The number of people signing up to a “ground-breaking” new service to block children from accessing self-harm and pornography websites has slumped amid criticisms that it fails to achieve its aims, could breach privacy and employs technology connected to the Chinese military.

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Read the parent’s tech guide. What this means is that if a website is infected with a virus, or contains unsuitable content, then TalkTalk will not know about it, and not block sites for up to that time. If anyone on previous comments got the HOMESAFE issue sorted, please, please, could you drop me a line either here with webmasters consent or via my website, as to how it was cured.

As it is driving me mad.

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Leave this anti-spam trap empty. Explore our Wi-Fi Hub. On privacy he added: I managed to disable it by going into my account, selecting off even though homedafe were all set to off anyway and then restarting both my computer and router.


Google store much more information the what pages you vist and these are not linked to you so are untraceable also if it was illegal why why the ICO allow them to continue with it?

Only problem they forgot to tell him why he was coming and he cannot de-activate HomeSafe. Are you sure it is talk talk homesafe blocking sites? A TalkTalk homesave said: Does anyone know where I can raise a complaint with TalkTalk regarding a false positive on my website http: This kind of lockdown is giving children the wrong impression of what is acceptable and what is not.

It could hokework be a third party tool bar that you have installed, which is doing this.

talktalk homesafe homework

In fairness we can understand this. After hours of wasting time, they say we have escalated the fault.

The bot is called. How long do I have to cancel. HomeSafe, which TalkTalk has told its shareholders should help reduce the frequency of its customers defecting to rivals, was launched with three main selling points: Summary The Homesafs HomeSafe system is a cynical attempt at fooling parents into thinking their children will be safe on the internet.

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