To request this letter please email ssro sussex. C The Research Experience A Resit is a further attempt to pass a module and be awarded the associated credit. There are also invidual tutorials available with a study skills adviser. September and January Entry requirements:

If you take a trailed resit of the same module you will be given the resit in the summer vacation assessment period you can apply to take this earlier along with the next cohort i. To summarise this section, students needing to retake an exam after their visa has expired or been cancelled will not be issued a CAS to extend this visa and so will need to leave the UK and return for the exam at a later date, usually using a Short-term study visa. If you have any questions about the resit examinations, please contact the Examinations Office. Sussex Direct will give information on whether the work needs to be submitted to the school office or to a tutor or through a module study direct site. Just click the link to enter a name. Please note that first resits can only be taken in the summer vacation assessment period. Feedback will normally be provided to all students on all assessments within term-time working days.

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Since this is a matter of academic judgment, however, please note that you should not have any expectation that a mark will be changed. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace.

If you fail the stage you may be given an opportunity to repeat the stage. Planning, Governance and Compliance Back to previous menu Academic related appeals procedure What decisions can students appeal against and what remedies can be considered? If you are unable to attend an exam due to illness or an event beyond your control, please refer to the exceptional circumstances section above. Marks achieved at a sit attempt are not capped. Overview and contacting us Accessible travel to and around campus Dyslexia and SpLD Physical, hearing or visual impairment Academic and learning support Departmental Liaison Officers Financial support.


If you have further questions about the Short-term study visa or your immigration status, please email immigration sussex.

sussex resit essay

This will incur a penalty, as follows: Modules are usually assessed by more than one assessment. If you pass the module you will be awarded fssay credit for that module. You must always seek advice from an International Student Adviser if you are given a repeat year.

I was also dyslexic which meant that remembering things was particularly irksome for me. The mode of assessment varies depending on the learning outcomes that are being assessed.

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Answered Mar 16, At that point, if you fail at a esaay you will have to leave the Uni alltogether. In retrospect, I wish that I had visited the University and got a reading list so that I could have caught essy with reading in advance. If you have not paid the fee before the payment deadline, an invoice will be raised against your student account and you will have 14 days to pay.

Further information on attending and sitting an exam can be found here: Compensation will only be applied where the criteria are met up to a maximum of 30 credits.

Where there sissex more than 30 credits with marks in the compensation zone, resits will be given for all modules where the pass threshold has not been achieved.

sussex resit essay

I had learnt this skill from the workplace and being a lone parent juggling all sorts of demands of life. CareerAhead will guide you towards making the right susssex and give you the tools you need to stand out in the competitive graduate job market.

You can report any errors with your exam timetable by using the link within the exam timetable system eg if you are not scheduled for the correct exams, you wssay exam clashes, your individual arrangements have not been put in place etc. If you are given a trailed resit in the final stage, the resit will be scheduled in the summer vacation assessment period after graduation. Collusion is the preparation or production of work for assessment jointly with another person or persons unless explicitly permitted by the examiners.


Dssay University acknowledges that as students go through the process of examination and assessment, there may be temporary, sudden and unforeseen circumstances which affect their performance in assessment.

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Please see the subpage of this page:. An act of collusion is understood to encompass those who actively assist others as well as those who derive benefit from others. She went to bed and never woke up. The Examination and Assessment Regulations govern the way in which all taught students — undergraduate and postgraduate — are examined and assessed at the University of Sussex.

Please refer to the frequently asked questions available on the following webpage for further information: My daughter was in junior school so I only had a limited time to study but I used the time effectively. Find out more Fees: The following links give advice and support on many issues you might encounter including studying, managing your time and writing a good essay.

This is only possible where the resit mode consists of more than one resit component which are the same as the original module assessment.

This may help you identify problems with your referencing.