Patterns are constrained by the fact of arising in and out of patterns already in existence. Form observations include interaction patterns and sequences, position, and role taking in meetings Carspecken, Through the legacy of colonialism and the 12 current practices of global capitalism, mobility has become highly skewed by a proliferation of policies, practices, and technologies that enhance the mobility of some, while exacerbating the immobility of others Sheller and Urry, Thus, active sense-making or interpretive activity entails: Taking this approach draws attention to the co-ordinated activity among people that patterns life. What relationships do they draw on?

I have opened a space in the research process for participants to use their own voice in a dialogue. Cities held the promise of someplace better, of an escape from scrutiny and constraint, of the possibility of finding others Eribon, ; Goffman, , and the possibility of living as desired. This critical qualitative inquiry was conducted in partnership with Rainbow Refugee Committee, a community group that supports refugees making claims based on persecution of their sexual orientation or gender identity. I begin by making explicit the critical values orientation of my research. He was there for me as a person. His support was for his nephew, who is just a nephew, not for a gay nephew–not the nephew that I really was.

It acknowledges that feelings of dislocation, displacement, and disjuncture may co occur with those of connection, attachment, and continuity. Dr Sharma–he changed my life.

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By building lives that deviate from normative life paths, engaging with a matrix of enabling and constraining impacts of oppressions of racism, heterosexism, classism, and neo-colonialism to do so, they have stretched the bounds of the possible.

Nobody wants to know. I attended monthly drop-in meetings throughout the course of this research. The approach conveys some of my own struggle with and against the traditions of scholarship in shharalyn discipline, counselling psychology, and my efforts to be intelligible to a multidisciplinary audience of advocates, practitioners, policy makers, and scholars.


Research driven by conceptualizations of sexual orientation that fail to incorporate ethnicity or consider multiple identities has limited our understanding of the experience of belonging to both sexual and racial or ethnic minorities in North America.

The informed consent process began with the community consultation meeting when drop-in attendees provided verbal consent for me to introduce the research at a drop-in. The dialectic of identity and social group formation is further, and more systematically, elaborated by sociocultural theorists Lave and Wanger theory of situated learning.

I introduce each interview participant by pseudonym in the following chapters, describing their background and the context of their involvement in the study. I began with the fear of violence, the shame of stigma, the invalidation of erasure dissertatioon points of departure for QLGBT migrants, and for my inquiry.

sharalyn jordan dissertation

I am profoundly grateful to each of the participants who contributed their experience and ideas. Prior to publication I will make a presentation of preliminary findings at a community meeting.

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So I totally forgot when I was going before my dad to take it dkssertation And that night was…hell. Further, although I aimed to foster a dialogue that co-constructs the meaning of the interview text, I will make decisions about how this co-construction shralyn incorporated in the final research text.

A parallel exists in research on trauma. Qualitative teamwork issues and strategies: I wrote in the first person using tentative language that attended to my interpretation process, for example, I notice that P. For this reason, I could conduct some as telephone interviews.

These excerpts follow audio-recorded interviews very closely.

sharalyn jordan dissertation

Both psychological theories of acculturation and theories of LGBT identity jorcan rest on essentialist notions of a stable, unitary and bound self. I isolated myself… It was really dangerous to be part of a … a group. The updates from three active listserve groups were helpful in directing me to publications and events: Selves are constituted in relationship with and through the voicing of others.


At the intersection of identity and the body: One woman’s experience of disability and sexuality

Prior to leaving their home countries QLGBT migrants have lived in daily defiance of homophobia and transphobia. Action for Mordan Cross Thematic Materials. Over time, individual group participants usually found one of the facilitators or longer term members that they connected with to confide in privately.

One key process by which the self-systems organize and make jrdan is through dialogue or voice Hermans,; Werstch, For this reason, I selected a method that joradn participants a high degree of input into the interpretation process.

Integration of Dialogical and Systems Analysis To move towards writing the final text, the different forms of interpretation were juxtaposed and integrated. And I experience that tension again as I am writing, because as a queer person oversimplifies.

Much of the research in North America on sexual orientation identity has focused on 21 disclosure and openness about sharralyn orientation as a sign of a mature sexual identity Cass ; Troiden, I followed the case. So I was always quiet. Ambient harassment makes it unclear whether leaving is an escape, or forced exile.