Does the Commission share the view that imports of European seedlings put the Kenyan potato industry at risk of new, imported diseases and that competition from cheap imports may destroy the local economy? The more widespread and focused use of information and communication technologies in the public sector represents a major step towards unburdening the system, promoting greater efficiency, improving quality of service and reducing costs. Concrete measures against specific pests, decided on a case by case basis, will be set out as appropriate, but the proposed Regulation ensures continuity of the current EU rules. The Commission fully agrees with the assessment of the Honourable Member that apprenticeships are an efficient way of ensuring smooth education to work transitions for young people. Although seed potatoes may be a potential pathway for plant pests and diseases, the Commission has not been aware of any phytosanitary risks linked to this particular project.

This figure is on the rise: The government has announced that hundreds more will be checked in the next few weeks. More specific information would be necessary to launch a proper investigation and conclude whether such measure would be state aid or not. The evaluation exercise will be steered by the Commission. In particolare, l’esplosivo potrebbe essere nascosto nelle scarpe di terroristi che cercherebbero di imbarcarsi su voli diretti nei principali aeroporti americani.

Does it think this issue should be brought directly to the attention of the government authorities in Laos and the other countries in the area, as well as the economic operators involved in building the series of dams? There are five Apulian fishermen on board.

Convinced supporters of Europe have applauded some of the initiatives taken by the Vice-President concerned. The Council will closely follow developments in Switzerland with regard to the implementation of the referendum, and will consider further steps in the overall context of EU-Switzerland relations. The reasons for this derive above all from the great diversity of languages and cultures in Europe, which sometimes make it difficult to disseminate certain products and restrict opportunities for producers who do not have the means to overcome this obstacle.


Depositi di stoccaggio di CO 2 al largo di Senigallia Ancona. If so, which projects have had access to European funds and what results have these programmes achieved? The Commission is therefore not surprised when studies find that climate change may affect living systems in ways that were previously unknown.

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Both of them died in the attack. This requirement does however not appear to be justified on the grounds of consumer protection in the case of professionals moving together with their recipients from the same Member State e. We can expect that for many editorial offices, especially for small local ones, introducing the guidelines proposed by the Polish Senate will cause the offices to close.

However, it is no secret that when an EU national temporarily goes abroad to work, he or she might experience distress or could even sudden die unexpectedly.

Preferential treatment within the construction industry in Greece. Prevede di promuovere ricerche paneuropee al fine di trovare la causa di tale malattia e la sua cura? However, the Administration was unable to supply any information on the possible timing of these attacks, nor on specific areas or targets.

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Such measures are established individually for each exporter on the basis of ssolving data it submitted to the investigating authorities. People trafficking in the Sinai Peninsula.

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So what should be done? The Commission has not been informed about the expected time irregular immigrants will have to spend in the detention center in Amygdaleza before removal to their country of origin or country of provenance.

The Commission will also fund research and innovation activities that aim at developing and deploying technology to reap the benefits of big data analysis whilst maintaining the individuals’ control over sklving personal information. The Commission is monitoring the implementation of the project. The Albanian Ministry of Defence has confirmed that it will continue the process of decommissioning chemical weapons and old ammunition and conventional weapons.


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The study therefore would not appear to provide a basis for changing the current understanding of risks to fauna from certain wind farm developments.

Contribution towards travel expenses incurred by the trainees at the beginning and at the end of the traineeship: Are there any Olompiadi instruments in place that could assist national governments soluaioni tackling this problem? Targets for the programme objectives will be established after the baseline has been completed.

Negotiations between the Commission and Russia about revision of intergovernmental agreements on construction of the South Stream pipeline.

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Trading in the relatively new digital currency Bitcoin has been hit by a series of cyber-attacks in Bulgaria, Slovenia and Japan. Nuovo progetto pilota nel settore del turismo.

An IPA project will provide for the furnishing and equipment of the reception and removal centres as soon as construction is completed, which is foreseen for the end of Is a renowned place to buy the biggest unintended papers of the lack quality.

It does not seem that the airline referred to by the Honourable Member has received ESF-funding according to the lists available for the German ESF operational programmes. In addition, the Commission authorised to grant complementary national direct payments CNDPs in Romania according to the request of Romanian authorities. It is known that Albania has only two legal landfill sites and countless illegal dumps.

olimpiadi problem solving 2013 soluzioni

The import of Dutch seedlings does not put the Kenyan potato industry at risk, on the contrary. La polizia keniota sta compiendo abusi, sul confine somalo e in attigui campi profughi, a danno di rifugiati e richiedenti asilo in fuga dalla Somalia, devastata dalla guerra.

The Commission is concerned by the publication of names, photographs and other data of prostitutes, who were infected by HIV, in Greece.