Students are highly encouraged to include their dissertation in the IFA Dissertation Collection and should contact Jenni Rodda after their dissertation is complete. The Program Director has final approval on all supervisory relationships. Ideally, students should meet with their IR academic advisor towards the end of their second semester in the program to discuss their proposed thesis topic and to identify a thesis supervisor. Delineate the crucial aspects of the problem requiring investigation and what areas will need to be considered to provide a better understanding of the chosen problem. Your advisor, and ideally your core committee members, should be seeing your work regularly leading up to the semester in which you defend and the date of the defense. The thesis title should relate clearly to the focus of the research.

Can I place an embargo on access to my dissertation? You may want to consult this this comprehensive guide to copyright law as it relates to academic research, teaching, and publication, created by April Hathcock, Scholarly Communications Librarian at NYU. Who will have access to my dissertation? All essential material, however, should be contained in the main text. Licensed images must be used in a manner consistent with license terms and conditions. It should critically evaluate earlier work in the field, paying due attention to its contributions, and to any methodological problems and limitations involved.

Submitting Your Dissertation

All essential material, however, should be contained in the main text. The candidate is required to register for graduation on Albert at least 3 months prior to the expected date of graduation Preliminary Dissertation Filing Steps The candidate must submit the Preliminary Dissertation Paperwork to the GSAS Office of Academic and Student Affairs by the preliminary dissertation deadline.

The conclusions drawn should be substantiated from within the body of the dissertation. This is of fundamental importance as it will ensure that your thesis has a clear focus. Am I required to submit my dissertation to ProQuest?


nyu gsas dissertation submission

Making dissertations available openly can broaden audience, increase citations, and allow potential employers and publishers to more easily find the work. Choice of Thesis Topic. Once the thesis supervisor has read and approved the thesis, the student may submit the thesis to the program for review.

Where there are differences, discuss possible reasons. You can also elect to distribute your dissertation under a Creative Commons license. Your analysis might draw on:.

nyu gsas dissertation submission

In either case it must review the literature and include a full bibliography. This word limit does not include footnotes, front matter, or appendices. To learn more, visit creativecommons. Critical Any theoretical approach can result in criticism of international relations, but a critical approach to the use of evidence is one that is grounded in the analysis of social conflict or relationships of power for example, Marxism, feminism, or post-structuralism.


The preliminary dissertation submission will be reviewed for adherence to the formatting requirements, not content. Students cannot submit their thesis for graduation without two readers. Dizsertation may be putting forward a particular argument and you can give this in your introduction with the issues that you are going to address.

Many International Relations theses are ‘applied’ rather than ‘theoretical’, and you may find it difficult to be explicit about your chosen methodology. On the rare occasion the supervisory relationship does not work and breaks down, immediately contact the IR Program Director to address the issue. When submitting your dissertation to ProQuest, you can opt dissertatoon embargo fulltext access for a limited time.

This should be a rough outline of the way in which the research will be reported. Students should select their thesis topic in consultation with a faculty member who they wish to work with. Essentially, you are trying to tell the reader a story. There must be a statement of the aims of the thesis either as the first section or included in the Introduction. Diplomas sbumission be mailed to this address.


These should be stated succinctly, not summarized extensively.

MA Thesis Requirement

Once the preliminary dissertation is reviewed, the candidate will receive an email notification that disertation formatting changes that need to be made before final submission Final Dissertation Filing Steps The candidate is advised to take the Advisor Approval Formthe Title Page reflecting the submissoon and year of graduation: A list of images or plates must be included in the front matter of the dissertation.

Figures will be numbered in the same way, i. Disseftation requires a chapter outline presented not just as a list, but also as a logically connected series of distinct points. What does it mean to distribute my dissertation under a Creative Commons license?

Guidelines for Thesis Research Outline Title: You should also be aware of the limitations of ‘grey’ research i. The Dissertation Deposit Form asks you to warrant that any third party copyrighted materials are used appropriately. At this time, the department strongly encourages that there be no more than 2 committee members Skyping in, so please consider this when selecting your 4th and 5th readers.

The title will become clearer as your research and write — it is normal to pick a title for your thesis after writing it, nuu than before.