The Participants by Grade and Term report shows an unduplicated count of participating students by grade within a term. A list of the informal assessment records added for a student can be viewed, updated and deleted. This information helps to verify students enrolled in a specific campus or facility. This report is used to verify if exit grade level students have taken the TAAS test and received passing scores. The Continuation of Services report shows an unduplicated count and list of students whose eligibility has expired, i. The facility search screens allow users to search for facilities by state, region, county, district, SSID and facility name. For academic records, members can add, update, consolidate, or view information on unresolved courses, failed courses, recommended courses, passed courses, academic credits, state graduation plans, and graduation requirements.

The Supplemental Programs Worksheet is used to assist in assigning supplemental programs to groups of students. Student Information NGS links various student information entered from all consortium states and allows educators to track the movement of a student through the educational process. The counselor at a designated school of graduation can add, update and delete graduation information as needed. Users can also create a list of residency only students by selecting this enrollment type for their report. Second, the information included in NGS for the student, i.

If needed, any erroneous student records can be deleted as needed.

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A list of graduation requirements matching the search criteria can be viewed or updated as needed. This report can help verify information in the system and enable the user to ensure proper assigning of necessary supplementals. Second, the information included in NGS for the student, i.


NGS allows states to enter secondary courses by subject area, state graduation plans, and state graduation requirements. NGS generates reports based on the report criteria entered.

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A health profile for a student can be viewed, updated, or deleted. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. However, applications may need to be recompiled due to changes in the Java API. The Duplicate Students report shows all students who may be listed in the system more than once. The Secondary Credit for Mobile Youth report shows information on those students who either have credits, do not have requidement credits academic or reqkirementor both within the specified school year.

Important things before you start…. NGS Induction Day 2.

The Student Immunization report shows a listing of students’ immunizations. Published by Requiremenh Norris Modified over 4 years ago. Formal assessments are those tests for which a formal result is given, including performance-based instructional level tests.

The Unique Student Ngx for State by District report shows an unduplicated student count of students for each district within a state, giving a total by district and a grand total for the state. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

NGS selects students based upon the enrollment dates and federal eligibility criteria, such as age, qualifying arrival date, and enrollment record. The numbers are broken down by gender and race and the report can be run by district, region or state. The Currently Enrolled Student List report is an online report showing a list of students currently enrolled at a facility. Educational Allowance suspended; 3.


This report can by run by the rdquirement, region, requiremenh state level. The Special Needs report shows students who have been given a special needs classification. This report is used to verify student and enrollment information for students.

This report shows a snapshot of records existing for each student. Members can view a list of supplemental programs received by a student during an enrollment.

Each record is given a unique identifying id known as the SSID. NGS stores each immunization by type and includes the date of the immunization.

The facility courseworj screens allow users to search for facilities by state, region, county, district, SSID and facility name. All unresolved, failed and completed coursework completed by a student at any facility can be stored, updated and removed. By entering search criteria information, a list of matching students can be accessed. The transfer document shows all relevant educational and health data for a student and helps the receiving school properly place a student.

ngs coursework requirement

What if one could turn in a paper, getting a good grade without having to spend your time stressing over difficult assignments? This consolidation process makes combining partial course work easier for data entry users and helps improve the quality of the records stored on NGS.

Once a new student record is added to the NGS database, the current enrollment record for the new student can be added. A Brief overview of the Standards to support learning and assessment in practice.

ngs coursework requirement