I barely finished my first draft of my personal statement. Posted September 29, Does anyone know for those schools, do I have to fill out the references page and statements of purpose page on CSU mentor? At the close of thesis students will prepare a Poster Board presentation and will be given an oral exam. Posted December 16, A historic and defining feature of social work is the profession’s focus on individual well-being in a social context and the well-being of society.

Those going through the application process for the California State University graduate programs at whatever campus, this is a place to share progress and ask questions. The priority deadline is usually March 2nd. Posted December 5, Register a new account. Students in the full time two year program take classes all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The applicant must complete all forms and submit Items listed above as a complete packet.

Student applications are reviewed by a committee and are selected on the basis of their academic record, letters of recommendation and an essay which outlines their goals and objectives and the need for financial assistance. Posted February 22, edited.

Please note that general biology courses without this content do not fulfill this requirement. Should I just get right to the point?

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I’m also working on a substance abuse counseling certification. The mission of the social work ;ersonal is rooted in a set of core values. At the close of thesis students will prepare a Poster Board presentation and will be given an oral exam. You will receive a letter indicating your file is complete so please enclose two self-addressed stamped envelopes.

I’m going to have about a year and a half of experience in addiction treatment and counseling at time of application, would be about 2. Our strength-based program educate generalist social workers who are committed to social and economic justice and are able to facilitate change and growth at all levels of practice.


Does anyone know csulla those schools, do I have to fill out the references page and statements of purpose page on CSU mentor? As of this moment I am finishing up my B. Funded through the California Department of Mental Health with Proposition 63 funds, CalSWEC II provides financial support to MSW students in exchange for a commitment to work in a county public mental health agency or a community based organization under presonal to a county public mental health agency msd the state of California.

The full time model of the MSW program is designed to allow students to complete the program in two years. Social Work or Human Services e. First year placements focus state,ent direct service.

msw personal statement csula

I have no idea what my chances are of getting into a program since I staetment been out of school for six years now and was never employed in any social work related positions or agencies.

Applicants must complete the Graduate Record Exam GRE and submit the official report of their test scores taken within the last 5 years or a copy of it with their application. These ppersonal may be in the form of direct practice, community organizing, supervision, consultation, administration, advocacy, social and political action, policy development and implementation, education, and research and evaluation.

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Due to the intensity of the program and its multiple requirements, students enrolled in the full time 2 year program are expected not to work in addition to their full time MSW enrollment.

Edited November 23, by rjose. The other thing I learned was about financial aid.


Write Then your great bet is to go to an consultant at your own school who can statemfnt you with this. I was told PhD statements should be all about research, research, research. Applicants should be intellectually able, emotionally mature, interested in working with people and potentially capable of assuming the significant responsibilities which are inherent in professional social work practice.

msw personal statement csula

I like the idea of using a personal narrative as the intro, but I cskla don’t want to be cliche either. For example individuals applying for the program could come from among the following areas:. These figures may change for future terms. Students employed in public or private agencies must be on a full-time leave from those agencies, and must demonstrate an interest in and commitment to mental health services as described in the Mental Health Services Act.

The first placement involves hours of fieldwork in a community setting while second-year placements require hours. Does this same advice stand for MSW programs?

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As for asking for letters of rec, it’s an uncomfortable cshla no matter what. Social workers also seek to promote the responsiveness of organizations, communities, and other social institutions to individuals’ needs and social problems. The upside is you have nothing to lose if they say no. It is estimated that byas the peak of the Baby Boomers will be 65 years old.