Using it belies its Unix heritage. Using Information Having found some information, you may want to use it in one your reports or assessments. It is also important that you organise your ideas before sending them off to others. The most reliable sources are peer reviewed academic journals. Or you may find that some students do things like include the assignment brief in the appendix — which instantly results in a large percentage match if there is more than one student does this.

As teachers we will have failed if all that you can do at the end of a unit is to remember a list of names, dates, definitions, etc. It is important that you recognise and obey the ‘rules’ of online communication. One of the most well known and accepted models of types of learning is called Bloom’s taxonomy or Bloom’s classification of cognitive skills. TELA contact details Use with care Although Turnitin provides a useful set of tools as part of an originality report to help in determining if a piece of work is plagiarised, you need to interpret the results with care. Most online units will assume that communication between students and the teaching staff is important. With a seen exam, there would be less reflection required on the day, so you might increase your expectations of the length.

Using Information Having found some information, you may want to use it in one your reports or assessments.

mmu coursework similarity

We recommend that you always set up the assignment in Moodle ,mu exclude quotations and referencesbut if a student uses single rather than double quotes, nmu instance, this may not help.

Although you could work completely independently it is not generally advisable. In brief, you must fully acknowledge the sources for all of the material that you use. The peer review process means that the content has been assessed by independent reviewers for its accuracy and quality.

Clustering and Classification methods for Biologists

You can also set it up to exclude short coursedork eg a particular number of words. The timing of the release of the question s is important. Although it is very easy to search the web for information there are two important skills that will vastly improve the quality of your search. In addition to Mantel tests it also incorporates a range of Matrix methods and resampling techniques. The data sets are provided in a range of formats that should enable them to be used with most packages.


The analyses are not based on a particular statistical program. You can see a demonstration of the service, which includes a sample report, on the Turnitin website.

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You should be able to place pieces of information into context and recognise parallels and trends. Try to ensure that your family and friends recognise what you are doing and do not disturb you. If you wish, you can make a local copy and avoid the advertisements by downloading the course as a Kb zip file. A seen examination is a time-constrained assessment task, presented to students at some time in advance of the assessment. You need to ensure that your communications are relevant, clear and structured.

Communication Most online units will assume that communication between students and the teaching staff is important. This database is composed of other student assignments which have been submitted for checking, pages retrieved from the World Wide Web, and published works of various kinds.

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These rules are generally referred to as ‘netiquette’ and more information can be found from these links the Core Rules of Netiquette from the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea available onlinethe Wikipedia Netiquette entry and a State of Victoria Dept. The usual rule of thumb for an exam question is that students should be able to sit and write the answer in half the time available for the question the other half of the time being for thinking and planning. It is assumed that you have some prior understanding of the basics of statistical analyses and interpretation.

mmu coursework similarity

Classification of Cognitive Skills Based on information from http: Although it similarigy very powerful it is not for the faint-hearted! Dice, Jaccard and Raup-Crick similarity indices; Principal Components with Minimal Spanning TreePrincipal Coordinates, Correspondence analysis with detrending, Cluster analysis three algorithms, nine distance measures ; Discriminant analysis; Time series and Spectral analysis; Directional statistics, rose plots, point distribution statistics The R package is a public domain i.


mmu coursework similarity

Seen examinations are sometimes used to reduce student anxiety about exams and to allow the inclusion of more complex analytical questions which need some preparation. Do not hope that some time will ‘turn up’, almost certainly other things will be more urgent or attractive! However it would be polite if you acknowledged the original source and author. If you do decide to use them could you please let me know. You are free to use these pages for educational purposes.

MMU – Clustering and Classification

It is important that you recognise and obey the ‘rules’ of online communication. It is generally advisable to set aside some reasonable blocks of time, which means periods between 30 minutes and two hours.

The unit examines the background to, and applications of, a range of clustering and classification techniques across biology. However, you must find the time to study and you are likely to be more successful if you set times, in advance, that are suitable for you. Plagiarism could be a problem as students with excellent recall may be able to use the words of others to answer questions; such cheating would be difficult and time-consuming to detect as papers are hand-written. Bill Miller has courssework developing a comprehensive and free statistics package call Openstat that offers a number of multivariate analyses including multiple regression, discriminant analysis cluster analysis, principal components factor analysis and logistic regression.

Indeed, many units use evidence of effective electronic communication as one of the assessment elements.