Registration Forgot your password? Alice’s family thinks she has changed since her brain transplant and now the family feels different. At the end of the story when she asked Mr. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now. Long after Alice’s surgery, Jenny tells Alice what she thinks of her sisters’ new way of acting. Alice then gets a new body with her brain transplanted in the new body. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

At the end of the story when she asked Mr. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Ultimately this gives her confidence to do things she really wanted to do but thought impossible because of her old physical status. Alice herself is in a confused state of mind and then begins to question her identity. After the operation Alice had to lots of adjustment as her mind and body were lacking proper coordination. Besides, it wouldn’t be her scream anyway.

Who would she belong to — to the parents of the body, or the parents of the brain? She had to spend about six months in the hospital before she was fit to go home.

Thesks parts are out of order forcing the reader to piece the sections together and figure out the details of the plot as the story advances. Alice can be described as an adaptive person.

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On Bedford Avenue, Alice meets Mr. Alice then gets a new body with her brain transplanted in the new body. A figurative work in which a surface narrative carries a secondary, symbolic or metaphorical meaning. She felt that he would “just lema into [her] eyes and know who was in [there].


Sorry, but only registered users have full access. Another trait indicated in the story was she had clean and pretty face. Jarred is that he helps her with the stuggle of finding her identity.

She must discover what it is that defines her. A vignette is a short, impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, an idea, or a setting. And she had the confidence that Alice and her family will get through this struggle of hers. Alice wants to read the diary as she had done in the past but Jenny feels she does not know her sister as she once had, and states she feels the need to know cokley better before she shares her inner most thoughts.

They each describe the protagonist on their journey within themselves. Presenting the impact of modern medical science on human life is the central theme of this story and hence it deals with the psychological and mental impact on the protagonist and other family members more vividly.

“Mirror Image” Lena Coakley

This change is very hard on the family because to lose a family member is very heartbreaking. Her confusion is best displayed in the following quote: How do scientists hope this procedure will benefit humans in the future? Her twin sister Jenny is also quite upset and feels she is but a stranger to their home.

Alice has mixed emotions about everything that has happened to her. Often the short story novel assumes a set of rules or principles or facts and then traces their logical consequences in some form. Alice proves to be a dynamic character as her opinion about her new body and who she really is changes consistently throughout the story.


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Also a society or other people can have a certain image of a person’s identity. Newer Post Older Post Home. Change in mirror image, exploring self identity and if our reflection on the exterior is a representation of our interior.

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In Mirror Image Alice undergoes deep introspection to find her true identity. Science fictions are compulsorily futuristic in its approach and nature.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

Alice can now drive a vehicle as she has a body of sixteen years old. She is also insecure and uncomfortable at times mirrro the short story. Often she felt there was someone else standing in front of her as her new image was different from her old one.

mirror image by lena coakley thesis

Alice feels that appearance and personality are two divided parts. Now she sees herself as being beautiful and athletic.