Or even go back to its traditional business model, i. However, three years later, the pic- ture had become much darker: What is the rationale for industrial groups moving towards solutions? Michelin constant monitoring of service quality. How does moving to solutions raise multiple challenges throughout the organization e. First, tire-related breakdowns e. I think the case addresses an extremely timely issue.

In that way, the existing of MFS represents competition to the product sales people. If they recommended pursuing the MFS Program, how could the current turmoil be overcome? Therefore, I am not sure we should focus so much on the sales stage only. On that point, every branch has their exclusive and homogeneous objectives and supports mutually without any frustration. B2B companies want to sell profitable customer solutions, rather than focusing on selling products and services only. As a consequence, distributors often have a complementary service business, performing some tire maintenance activities. Tire which ensures regrooving and retreading.

If we take charge of tire management, we will make sure that our clients can experience our unique value. Skip to main content. From Selling Tires to Selling Kilometers point where International Strategy Consulting ISC — name disguiseda well-known consulting firm, had been appointed a few months earlier to help fix the problem.

However, low-cost Asian firms are increasingly gaining traction. The main clients are truck manufacturers such as Mercedes, Man, Iveco or Renault. To be successful, a case must lead to one or more clear decision points and allow for a rich debate of contrary mfz.


michelin mfs case study

It employs more thanpeople worldwide, has 70 industrial sites studt 18 countries and a sales presence in more than coun- tries. Original Equipment is the original tire fitting on brand-new vehicles. This caee clients to turn all tire-related costs into a variable cost directly linked to the vehicle use.

Euromaster has 1, centers in 10 European countries and employs 11, people. It was also seen as a way to build long-lasting relationships with customers and promote brand loyalty. It is about managing complex selling and delivery processes.

These results were however disappointing. The situation had deteriorated so much that a well-known consulting firm had been employed to help fix the problems. Search for publications, programs, event, people and much more Tire is sent to Michelin factory.

michelin mfs case study

When only 3 mm of tread remaining, there is a need to redesign the pattern on the tire. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

These are the questions we have to discuss today! This really is under much political attention, and the idea of developing a carbon footprint responsibility for transportation companies is making its way. The deal would offer customers a number of peace-of-mind benefits including better cost control, fewer breakdowns and less administration.

The importance of door-to-door and just-in-time services further reinforces this competitive advantage.


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They fear that the development of managed fleets will lead to sales decline in the replacement market. As a consequence, customers were reluctant to pay a price premium. As a consequence, customers were reluctant to pay a price premium. But keep in mind that transportation companies suffer from a negative image, as they are seen as a main source of CO2 emissions.

Distributors are independent local or michflin entrepreneurs or bigger networks. Euromaster has 1, centers in 10 European countries and employs 11, people. It is not just about sales!

They bring an incredible value that the clients michelun perceive.

Business Model Innovation: Michelin Fleet Solutions – From Selling Tires To Selling Kilometers

Harvard Business School Publishing. Distributors were at first pretty unhappy to see Michelin entering the service domain. Michelin is a tyre manufacturer.

michelin mfs case study

Failing to exploit one single mm of rubber means adding 6 to 7 percent on their cost. From selling Tires to Selling Kilometers Service Marketing Group 3 goals under the same roof of Michelin raising massy conflicts and inquisition toward the core value of business.