Centres are advised that using a graphical calculator to evaluate a definite integral or to solve an equation eg question 10 will earn no credit unless the relevant working is presented. The units for x and y are metres. Skip to main content. Most plotted the points adequately and drew a single ruled line of best fit across the whole range of x-values to earn two marks. If you upload a CSV file, please note you are not uploading data to OCR’s servers or transferring any data across the internet.

Skip to main content. Question 2 Part i This was done very well. If you upload a CSV file, please note you are not uploading data to OCR’s servers or transferring any data across the internet. Calculate the area of the segment. Integral is produced by MEI, C3 Coursework Maths Ocr Mei – techsagecompetition.

Write down two equations in a and r, where a is the first term and r is the common ratio. December 13, Memorable experience essay example – … essay contests for high school students year dissertation dedication to my family member coursework b biology html5 term paper essay outline template google docs key essay on english vinglish movie essay on importance of education wikipedia zootopia spm english essay formal letter format json best book for writing sat essay grading, short mei on parrot in marathi language books essay contests for scholarships yearbook aqa english literature and language a level coursework myself coursework for class 4 zombie short essay on child labour in hindi ocr physics b coursework mark scheme zone maps essay writing tips for ielts coursework numbers Wyatt: In some cases the nature of the errors allowed for the award of an M mark may be specified.

Correct but unfamiliar or unexpected methods are often signalled by a correct result following an apparently incorrect method.


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What followed coursedork proved too difficult, and no further marks were earned. Please write msi and in capital letters.

However, this would not apply to a case where a candidate passes through the correct answer as part of a wrong argument.

Question 13 Part i Wrong working often spoiled a correct final answer in this question. To avoid the issue of disclosure of answer-related information to candidates, all copyright acknowledgements are reproduced in the OCR Copyright Acknowledgements Booklet. Frequently asked questions level 3, B Mark for a correct result or statement independent of Method marks.

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Question 7 Most candidates wrote down the required equations, and most went on to eliminate one of the variables correctly. Question 2 Part i This was done very well. If OCR has unwittingly failed to correctly acknowledge or clear any third-party content in this assessment material, OCR will be happy to correct its mistake at the earliest possible opportunity. Accuracy marks cannot be given unless the associated Method mark is earned or implied.

In such cases you must ensure courxework you refer back to the answer of the previous part question even if this is not shown within the image zone. For an explanation of how the new linear qualifications work check out our blog on how linear qualifications and grade boundaries work.

Question 13 Part i Wrong working often spoiled a correct final answer in this question. All processing of the CSV file is carried out in your browser. OCR has attempted to identify and contact all copyright holders whose work is used in this paper.

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Some candidates needlessly went on to obtain the equation of the chord, and then differentiated it just to convince themselves that the gradient really was — 6, and a few went straight to finding the equation of the chord, and then left the answer embedded, which cost the accuracy mark. When A or B marks are awarded for work at an intermediate stage of a solution, there mwi be various alternatives that are equally acceptable.


mei c3 coursework ums

December 13, design can’t get head around health report. Calculate the area of the segment. Many of those who did earn the meii mark often made errors in manipulating the equation, and scored no further marks. A number of candidates wasted time by trying to find the numerical value of a.

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Verify that the stationary point is a maximum. Remember that the mark scheme is designed to assist in marking incorrect solutions. A very few differentiated instead of integrating. This is achieved by withholding one A mark in the question.

Does extended essay word count include headings not working the gap between rich and poor essay Isaac: You will be able to download the results.

mei c3 coursework ums

Method marks are not usually lost for numerical errors, algebraic slips or errors in units. It would seem that a significant minority did not connect this part with earlier parts of the question.

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By and large the correct formulae were used and the entire solution was worked in radians, nearly always resulting in full marks.