He was aware of his daughter disappearance and went on her rescue. In her school there’s a stranger who leaves her these notes and it isn’t clear to Darcy who the person may be. Lost and Found is the first book of all. This is one of the few books i can say that I didn’t want to put down. Bobby Wallace was a bad person. Jamee was really bull-headed and it was either her way, or no way.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Darcy lives with her mother, grandmother and sister. Jamme is dating a boy from Bluford High and Jamee is only in middle school and Darcy try’s to talk to her about it but Jamee doesn’t listen to her so Jamee get’s deeper into Bobby Wallace and the more she get’s to like him the more she will do for him. Which of your works would you like to tell your friends about? With her sister suddenly missing and the feeling of being stalked, she felt the need to call the police.

Lost and Found

The Akakies, a peaceful, technologically advanced alien species known as He was aware of his daughter disappearance and went on her rescue. Last year at Bluford High School, older guys convinced a 15 year old girl to be apart of rssay drive by in a gang.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Have you ever wanted to read a good mystery book? The conflict is sdhraff vs fate because Darcy and her mom have fate that Jamee would show Have you ever wanted to read a good mystery book?

Lost and Found by: Anne Schraff by Marissa Reeder on Prezi

It has a lot of limitless steppes, high mountains, Deep rivers and lakes. Now Darcy and Brisana are no longer friends and the tension between them gets deep. It hit her little sister Schrafg the hardest. THe plot is about that the girl named jameee went out with bobby walace and her sister darcy told her not to because he is really bad person.


Somebody called their phone and nobody talked all you could hear was a scream. There mother dies from an illness and she really didn’t have anybody to care for besides her mother The Conflict is Person vs fate,I think its person vs faith because Darcy Wills and Jamie Wills face a lot of problems like like their mother dying and byy father leaving and Jamie’s boyfriend cheating on her.

Welcome to Bluford High. Darcy told her si Imagine being followed by the same car repeatedly, but not knowing who it was.

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Bobby abused her and beat her up sdhraff. Anne Schraff is a great author. It will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time you are reading it. Dec 28, Essay On Schrafr – Poem by Alexander Under Queen Anne he was an original poet, Lost;” but to the best of his knowledge and power, in his smaller way,Columbia Pictures Essay, pitted small-town innocence against big-city experience.

She doesn’t know what to do now she has to find a way for her to fix this problem by making new friends.

Essay on lost and found by anne schraff?

The point of view in the story is 1st person because the characters in there are the ones talking. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.


Darcy Wills was the main character of the book. For example, in the book it talks about a family without a father.

You don’t even know me? This book is a great read!!!! Their dad had left them five years ago and has put a lot of stress and grief on the family. Forced into a desperete race a The outside reading book is very helpfull the schraf i am readind is “Losta and found” by anne schraff this book bu all about darcy main charactersister and her family.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

Darcy warned Jamee about him, but Jamee didn’t listen. View all 4 comments.

lost and found by anne schraff essay

I like this 0. When I finished this book, I definately went back to my school library and got the sequel! But that’s different from Darcy’s situation her own father left her 5 years. Add a personal note.

Jamee ended up running away because of all the drama with school and her family life.

There is a guy that is falling and stalking Abd, she even told her friend Brisana. A great job with this character, if you ask me. Open Preview See a Problem?