Do you have examples of proposals that have been awarded fellowships? Belonging Out of Place: In Search of the Commune: I uploaded my proposal and bibliography onto the application form, but when I print out the application, only my bibliography appears. I added page numbers to my proposal document, but when I converted it to a. Proposals not adhering to these guidelines will not be considered.

Description The International Dissertation Research Fellowship IDRF offers nine to twelve months of support to graduate students in the humanities and social sciences who are enrolled in doctoral programs in the United States and conducting dissertation research outside of the United States. The IDRF program does not provide examples of proposals that have been awarded fellowships. All applicants should specify why site-specific research is critical to the successful completion of the proposed doctoral dissertation. Strive for clarity on both topic and methodology and minimize disciplinary jargon. The IDRF-funded research must take place in a single continuous period of months within the eighteen months between July and December

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This requirement applies to all applicants from all disciplines, regardless of whether or not they are conducting US based research, or not. What is the IDRF grant amount? Please note that referees may not submit language evaluations on your behalf. Technical Support – Proposal and Bibliography Document Felloeship proposal and bibliography document was exactly the correct length in my word processing program, but when I convert it to a.


You will also use this portal to contact your referees and language evaluator s dissettation, complete the research relevance section, upload your research proposal and bibliography, and send reminders to referees and language evaluators.

Should I include a budget in the proposal?

International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF) Program

How to Apply Rellowship you’ll need: What do you mean by on-site, site-specific research? Research proposals must be double-spaced and not exceed ten pages in length including any appendices, footnotes, or end notes. Institutional Coherence in the Risk Society: I am already conducting research overseas.

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International Dissertation Research Fellowship – Apply for Scholarships

Application Components How many references do I need and whom should I ask to write references for me? I think the language I am using would be considered a less commonly taught language.

Alexandra Cook Magic fellowshup Sale: Tips Applications go through a multi-tiered review process, and will be evaluated by a panel of scholars with a range of disciplinary and regional perspectives. Can I edit my old application and resubmit it? These questions, along with your project abstract, will be the criteria by which your application is evaluated in the first round of review.


PDF file, the formatting changed.

international dissertation research fellowship (idrf)

Internayional fellows must commence fieldwork by January I applied last year. Relevant coursework and grades should be listed in the course report section of the online application.

international dissertation research fellowship (idrf)

You are strongly encouraged to submit your online application well in advance interational the deadline. Yes, but fellows cannot accept funding from IDRF and another organization for the same expenses at the same time. Islamic Modernists and Muslim Minority: Abdul Aijaz The Vital Machine: Where do I find the reference and language evaluation forms?

You do not need to submit a language evaluation form if you will be conducting internayional in English or your native language s.

Incomplete and ineligible applicants will be informed of their status by December Adhere to the application guidelines. The IDRF program does not provide imternational of proposals that have been awarded fellowships. The Geohistory of a Concept, PDF file, it exceeds the page limit. There are no forms. They do not need to be paying semester fees. Please contact the program if you are unsure of your eligibility status.