To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Not only do we experience the murder through the ears of those present, but Jackson shocks us by showing us the murder through their eyes too. It is because we are MAD. In the movie Heavenly Creatures directed by Peter Jackson various techniques are used to manipulate the viewers attitude towards Pauline Reiper and the murder she committed with her friend Juliet Hulme. You are commenting using your Facebook account. She feels she has somebody that cares about her. It is so shocking because it becomes real.

She is quite a scruffy girl who does not seem to take pride in her appearance. Jackson uses the convention of flash-forward to further shock us at the brutal murder of Honora. The use of sound is perhaps better described as the absence of sound. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Initially, we are lead to believe that Jack is just jealous of the position which Ralph holds but we gradually come to see that his want to be chief is not because of roles he had previously played, instead it is an insatiable hunger for power. You are commenting using your Google account. Peter Jackson went to great lengths to use actual locations and archival film footage to precisely recreate the environment.

Sometimes photographs are taken in black and white in order to put emphasis on small details that would otherwise not be observed as much if the photo was in colour]. Describe a situation or event in the text that shocked or surprised you. Pauline Parker and Juliet Cnea “have been resurrected as unlikely folk heroes – bright women in a heavnely, dull town resolving a personal crisis in the only way the powerless kids knew how”.


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I love you so much Paul. If not… well, medical science is progressing in leaps and bounds. Naturally we feel a trifle eesay, but the pleasure of anticipation is great. He wanted to show that the girls were mentally insane and that tier pleas for insanity should have been granted.

Innocence, imagination, obsession – Heavenly creatures

Discuss the exemplars’ essah and areas they could be improved. Jackson makes the murder of Honora Rieper even more shocking through the use of sound, point of view shots and flash-forward.

heavenly creatures essay ncea

Her personality is able to be better established without being distracted by unnecessary happenings in her colourful past. Naturally we feel a trifle nervous, but the pleasure of anticipation is great.

For those of who that have seen the geavenly, enjoy the episode, which guest stars Emily Blunt in the Kate Winslet role.

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Jackson wants us to hear the scene as Pauline and Juliet would have. Rehearsing and delivering your presentation You will be assessed on how well you: How is it shaping up? Email required Address never made public. Gold is a colour associated which represents luxury, optimism, royalty and success.

I must have copied it incorrectly from my notes. I thought he was supposed to be terribly ill.


Plan the content of your presentation. Most war poetry conveys a sense of anger.

heavenly creatures essay ncea

Processes and strategies Integrate sources of information, processes, and strategies purposefully, confidently, and precisely to identify, form, and express increasingly sophisticated ideas. Describe a situation or event in the text that shocked or surprised you.

She is insane and most definitely not all there.

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The girls Juliet and Pauline run screaming up the hill-path to the tea-house, sobbing and covered in blood. Jackson uses flash-forward to show us creagures Pauline does in fact murder her mother. In the first he seems hopeful that the soldier will live: Heavenly Creatures was directed by Peter Jackson in By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Pauline and Juliet are sobbing and screaming for each other; and the girls scream as they beat Honorah Parker to death] Juliet Hulme: You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fill creathres your details below or click an icon to log in: Jackson uses the convention of flash-forward to further shock us at the brutal murder of Honora.

Level 4 English Units: Oh, I wish James Mason would do a religious picture! Read the rest at The NZ Herald.