Spread the pebbles out in the swash zone, and place a marker further up the beach to show the start point for the pebbles. Follow a straight transect line from the edge of the sea to the end of the active beach. What do you think of the beach protection at Beesands? IB Geography Higher Coursework. Salaries to patrolling policemen, fuel cost of bringing cars. You do not have to take any sediments from the beach to the lab.

Questionnaires can be a useful technique where there are many passers-by. Remember me on this computer. Cost benefit analysis assessments of coastal defences take into account the cost of a defence and the value of the land and properties that it protects. Increased usage of secondary data, such as Home Office reports might have provided solid comparison. News reports and recent research articles provide interesting themes around which you can ask geographical questions.

Gcse Geography Coursework Coasts – Geography Fieldwork

The size and shape of coarse sediments can be measured on the beach. At each location, tally the number of different types of land use found.

Installing bins and signs; monitoring costs Effectiveness: Click here to sign up. Beach Train does not operate in zones 7W-2W — another possible reason for lower occupancy values in western parts.

Land use type Tally Score High-status retail e. Type of data Primary data collection technique Secondary data collection source Beach morphology Beach profiles Coarse sediment analysis: A pilot survey will show whether the criteria you have chosen are appropriate.

gcse geography coursework coasts example

Alcohol checking points and barriers to enter the Pier and beach area Costs: This courseowrk to suggest that Western Sectors should be more popular with visitors. Grade 3 out of 5: This may lead to areas of land being lost to the sea Hold the line Keep the coastline at its present coursewokr. Repeat the experiment at least 3 times, or until you judge that the running mean for distance travelled by a pebble indicates that you have taken an adequate sample. Secondary data sources 1.


Hard-core versus Recreational Golf Tourists. The cost of maintenance over a set time year period should be found in the same documentation and used for your calculation.

Photographs, map views and Google Earth views can help you. However, fishing, swimming and watersports create particularly serious conflicts, as they tend to happen at the same time and several accidents were spotted.

Geography- Whistable Coast Project – GCSE Geography – Marked by

Here are some densities of rocks often used for rip-rap. This is judged by eye. Length of coastline shown is approx 3km. The only anomaly in the data is the 21st of August orange blockswhen 3 Sectors of the beach were full despite heavy rains courzework strong gcwe, which was due to Air Festival taking place with main events taking place on the beach.

Land use type can be recorded as a tally as shown above, values for different types of land use can also be found in secondary sources. Stricter control of and punishment for alcohol consumption and antisocial behaviour.

For a more representative cost benefit analysis, consideration of different house and business prices depending on the location along the coastline should be taken into account. Use a tape measure to examplf the height of beach material on either side of a groyne.


gcse geography coursework coasts example

The largest proportion of home tourists come from Southern regions of England due to their proximity and transport links; there is also a considerable share of West Midlands tourists due to Cross-County train service running from Manchester to Bournemouth.

Choose a small number of categories for the types of land use. The sieves are arranged in decreasing mesh diameter with the largest at the top.

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Capacity and quality of facilities are generally satisfying with pressures and conflicts being managed by the Council to a high degree of success. System How do groynes at x affect the sediment budget along the coast? Duration of stay over 1 week is likely to add to demand for other types of entertainment, such as cinemas and theater and gcsf pressures. The simplest way to record pebble shape is to classify the stone as very angular, angular, sub-angular, sub-rounded, rounded or very rounded using a Power’s Scale of Roundness.

Bi-polar analysis Construct your own environmental quality assessment.

gcse geography coursework coasts example

Responses are limited to positions on a scale. Here are a few examples. A preliminary assessment of the potential to enhance a coastal economy.