Likewise, the model advocated in the present article — that variants found in manuscripts derive from different performances either of the same author or another performer — cannot be fully proven. Keep your promise and redeem the oath. Yvain is happily restored in his marriage. She brought their animosity to a good end with her wisdom, as she had long desired in her mind MHG-Ms. The Uses of Greek and Latin: The Lachmann School likewise applied this model to different vernacular versions of the same story, namely, that the original text was translated into other vernacular versions unchanged, something they should have questioned themselves, as a translation can never be an exact copy of the original. If it were not slander, shame and sin for me to commit perjury, then he should never have reconciliation nor consent from me, peace nor joy, because of whatever he might do, for that sorrow which still lies in my heart and he caused me by his betrayal, lies and falsehood.

She is in control of their fate and the outcome of their relationship, and therein lies her power: Thus, indirectly, through reference to the penance he performed, he also states that he has already paid for his transgression and that the only thing left for him to accomplish is to regain her favor. A Critical History of Philology, trans. Yet it is clear that earlier manuscripts of the story existed that are now lost, and that the story was known in thirteenth century England and the Nordic countries. On all the outside pages of the gatherings, the ink is faded, scratched or shows damage caused by humidity or water, indicating that the codex remained unprotected by covers and unbound for some time. Our Lord Christ wanted it and guided me to that path that he was found so quickly. And Lunete rests very comfortably has great comfort , she does not lack anything that pleases her, now that she has made unending peace between my lord, the noble Yvain and his dear and noble beloved.

I have not heard tell anything more, and you will not hear anything more, except übr someone wants to add lies. I would much rather endure the winds and storms all my life and if committing perjury was not such an offensive and horrible thing, he would never find peace nor agreement with me, no matter what his effort.


Laudine grudgingly takes Iwein back and hopes that this time he will be worthy of her.

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Middle High German Text 4. Bein ; Bein I would rather always suffer from it, before I for üger long a time entrust my life to a man of such a mind who never had any concern for me. He who wrote this is called Guiot.

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However, the Lachmann text does not leave us with any sense of Lunete as eine riterlike maget, who is powerful and co-governs with Iwein, as appears to be the case in the Middle English version; nor is she entirely deleted at the end of the story, as in the Old French and Old Norse versions.

Introduction to the manuscript edition and edition of the manuscript text pp. Gostwich and Harrison Log In Sign Up.

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In what follows, I will apply this theory of unstable, variant texts as cultural expressions of an oral-performance-oriented society to the multiple endings of the Yvain stories and an analysis of their gender implications. Iwein rewards Lunete with castles, lands and towns, as well as a hus- band who is of equal standing to her, but who is also put in charge of all the riches with which Iwein rewards her.

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She seems to need less prompting and less frequent reminding of her duties than her other vernacular counter- parts. Altgermanistische Editionswissenschaft, Frankfurt a. Yvain states that whoever asks x x for mercy should receive it.

It is equally curious that the inclusion of this passage violates their stated text-critical methodology. Additionally, she begs him for forgiveness for all the suffering she caused him.

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The Middle English iweein concludes the story as a happy ending for everyone involved. Our Lord Christ wanted it thus and has pointed me onto the right path, that I found him so quickly, so that the estrangement of the two of you could be altered to unity. The storm never harmed me so much. Iwien en est vostres li pooirs Et se ne fust de parjurer 30 Assez plus que dit ne vos ai.

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It is equal- ly possible to infer that a copy of one telling of the story had been written down in a manuscript and was put into circulation. But if you now want to eessay me back, I will never again wrong you. Nevertheless, the latter model is more in line with cultural practices of literary consumption of the time — practices which continued to be predominantly oral, reciting stories only very rarely in the exact same way.


Now Sir Ywain ended all the sorrows, which he had had. For each Yvain, a reconciliation with his wife is motivated by love, whereas for Laudine this reconciliation is a political act, one that she performs exclusively to save face and not to perjure herself.

You make me love the one who does not love nor esteem me the one does not esteem me at fssay in spite of myself. This is definitely true for all the versions, but only in the Middle High German does Lunete remind Laudine about her responsibility more than once, thus emphasizing the necessity that a ruler has to act correctly in the political realm.

Therefore I give myself condemned into your power. Yvain labored for a long time to accomplish x reconciliation. In the Old French, Middle English and Old Norse versions, Laudine raises Yvain up and promises to do everything in her power to ewsay about this reconciliation, which, she believes, will be between this knight and another lady. Now nothing else is needed for this, except that Esszy regain your favor which will never again be lost?

However, he does not comment on the constructed nature of the ending in his notes.

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Now I tell you in truth, if the oath did not force me it would not have ended this way. And at her first greeting he fell to her feet, even though he did not have a request. Yvain is happily restored in his marriage.