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A Lean Six Sigma Approach. Principles of Nursing Practice. It is this combination of people and beliefs that will ultimately enable the correct care, compassion, commitment, competence, communication and courage to be implemented at every stage of life for a person with CP. Error, group does not exist! If this essay isn’t quite what you’re looking for, why not order your own custom Health essay, dissertation or piece of coursework that answers your exact question?

By offering a way for theory to support practice, evidence-based healthcare seems to allow the practitioners to incorporate affective and psychomotor aspects with a more rational, research-based approach. Perspectives in Nursing Theory, Practice and Research. Principles of Nursing Practice. We then used what they said to design and re-test something that we hoped would be easy to remember and easy to use to have local discussions about nursing midwifery and care. School nurses will play a key role in supporting children with CP in schools. Comment by Cyril posted on on 16 September Hi Viv, What would you say about the opinion that the 6 Cs are natural attributes of those drawn to care work, and that to remind nurses of them in an official statement could be seen as an insult?

My strengths for applying this learning to my practice Opportunities and threats to applying my new learning A need to share my learning with others Conclusion References Related. The MDT must communicate effectively, be decisive and courageous in their decisions and offer informative and honest advice to families involved in the car of any child or adult suffering from the disease.

This reflective discussion has presented what I consider the most important features of learning within the module.

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Children under sixteen may be competent to give valid consent to a particular intervention if they have sufficient understanding and intelligence to enable them to understand fully what is proposed, this is known as Gillick competence DOH, The child will be required to overcome physical and environmental barriers, learning difficulties and sometimes bullying from other students and it is crucial that educational staff are able to facilitate and aid this development.


This is because it is through routine practice from which the care provider gains learning and training everyday Fssay and Watts, that empirical evidence is established. esway

UK blogging platform handles your information. American Society for Quality, Quality Press. They’re very convincing and can definitely work. I love the 6 Cs approach to transformation. For patients to have the capacity to make decisions, they must be able to; comprehend 6c retain information to the decision, especially consequences of having or not having the intervention and use and weigh this information in the decision making dssay The DOH, A Theory of Nursing.

essay on 6cs of nursing

Parents may find the acceptance of ill health to be onerous. Thank you Viv for starting the blog – it will be of interest to Nurses, and everyone interested in improving the quality of health services. Communication between the General Practitioner and the patient with CP is also vital to enable the provision of support, help and advice. Comment by Dee Harley posted on on 06 December Hi Viv, I am a first year adult nursing student and I am just about to embark on an essay about the the 6Cs of healthcare and I would greatly appreciate any help that you could give me with this ie articles, websites and such.

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essay on 6cs of nursing

One of these recommendations were that nurses, midwives and care staff, as well as stakeholders at national and organisational level, implement plans to support the delivery of the values and behaviours of the 6Cs defined as care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment Department of Health, Error, group does not exist!

In other words, such learning is not simply cognitive or knowledge-based, but also affective and psychomotor i. Comment by Viv Bennett posted on on 28 September Thank you so much for your rapid and supportive response.

A Reflection: Application to Practice – The WritePass Journal : The WritePass Journal

In the work which CNO and I jointly developed, ewsay asked many nurses, midwives and care and support workers to describe key attributes of excellence in care.


Furthermore, such relationship is also understood as one that leads to evidence-based practice. Email We only ask for your email address so we know you’re a real person. If an eighteen year-old patient is judged to be incompetent to make their own informed decisions, clinicians can provide treatment and care that is in their best interests DOH, Registered Data Controller No: Commitment hence results from this engagement to the care practice, which I believe is not an 6cz process, but definitely requires routine.

Journal of Clinical Nursing20 1: Journal of Clinical NursingFebruary Commitment is needed from the MDT to help the family through this transition period and to offer advice on such things as where to go for further assistance. Welcome to the exciting world of blogging, Viv, and I look forward to following developments here.

Comment by Rob Fraser MN RN posted on on 27 September I agree with anniecoops – this is great to see nursing leaders sharing what they are working on.

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The DOH aims to embed these values 6Cs in all nursing, midwifery and caregiving settings throughout the NHS and social care in order to improve care for patients. Comment by Gill Phillips – Whose Shoes?

Communication from the MDT should be implemented at this stage in order to help the parents understand the disease process and how to deal nursign changes that may occur due to having a child with CP.

I have thoroughly recognised the importance of this integration, as working with service users and their carers in a healthcare domain necessitates soaking my whole perspective into the care practice.