Summary of public relations activities taken by Dove i. Self-esteem materials on website 1. We had advertising, public relations, customer marketing and consumer promotions sit down at the table at a very early stage and all think about the entire marketing communication architecture, not just our channels. The brand also suggests that for best results the product should be used for numerous of times, daily in order to achieve the desired look. Media and gender, pages In the summer of , Dove received almost four hours of broadcast time. They created the following objectives for their campaign:

Public Relations Materials i. They placed billboards in major cities, even in Times Square. Sales of the products features in the ads increased percent in the first two months of the campaign. Dove are as if not selling a product, but a lifestyle behind it and the woman herself “advertisers are selling us something else besides consumer goods: Managing Across Brands at Unilever: Summary of what Dove wants from each key public and what each key public wants from Dove. By kwamena nyarku and Dominic Owusu.

More interviews were conducted in the U. It gives the girls the opportunity to tell their stories through creative approaches 2. Dove can evaluate its work based on peer reviews V. Created an online toolkit and resource center for self-esteem issues vi. The team knew how to gain campaibn attention for its efforts and they did so bravely.

doves campaign for real beauty case study analysis

Brodbeck, Melinda; Evans, Erin. What additional information might the public need about the situation? Overall, we concluded that Dove did a good job of reaching its audiences and spreading its message, but there were more ways Dove could reach its audience.


Calaméo – Case Study of The Dove for Real Beauty Campaign

The photos appeared to be photoshopped and edited. Jacqueline Waugh – Does advertising shape or reflect popular culture. Self-confidence and body image are important issues. By stydy this product, the consumer is as if “buying herself” as well as reminding herself who she is, in this case a “real woman”.

Their commercials aired daily on numerous popular TV networks. The website, although no longer existing, featured analyiss boards for women to talk about relevant issues.

Calaméo – Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Case Study

Introduction In Dove, a popular personal care brand owned by Unilever, began to experience a downturn of sales across all products. However, the harshness of confronting the media needed to be done to appropriately convey the messages. The mission of Unilever analyais to as taken from their website: They hired StrategyOne, a research firm along with Dr. More opinion leaders 1.

They created the following objectives for their campaign: Target audiences included women of all ages iv. To celebrate real women. They conducted a survey gor women what they think beauty means to them. Annual Reports from studies http: With their advert, Dove are trying to imply that the problem with the orange peel skin is a very common occurrence and almost every woman suffers heauty it.


Dove has not addressed any of its opponents as far as I know.

To widen the definition of what is viewed as beautiful 2. They have allowed women that have been influence by low self-esteem to become casee and leaders for their cause.

Case Study: Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty

A text-reader, pages Which is proved in their adverts where women are included, along reall the colours white and baby pink, all of those signs being signifiers of a woman. Susie Orback from London School of Economics 3.

Dove was producing meaningful content through storytelling and hard statistics on the female perspective. The Dove Self Esteem Fund was launched in to act as an agent of change to inspire and educate women and girls on a wider definition of beauty. In the most one of the most iconic phases was implemented, when their commercials began showing six different real women with real bodies and real curves as their main models.

doves campaign for real beauty case study analysis

Recommendations regarding planning activities- Dove made their target audience all women of all ages and all sizes. Evolution that shows how a woman is transformed through tools like airbrushing and photoshopping during editing of photos.