Lecturer Lectures, , class yearly practices, exercises 11 Multi-species English 32 20 Undergrad. Volume especial dedicado aos granulitos brasileiros, editado por S. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Terceiro Congresso Brasileiro de Geologia. The geotectonic environments of the Early Precambrian granulites in Brazil. As idades das rochas.

Notas Preliminares e Estudos, n o University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Aspectos evolutivos da Geossutura Tocantins-Araguaia. Bat species richness in Atlantic analysis, and manuscript Forest: Tectonic Evolution of South America. Ten years of Conceptual synthesis and Chiroptera Neotropical: Pedro Paulo Xavier Elsas Teaching pxelsas micro.

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Phyllostomidae and plants of the family Solanaceae. Tomo XI, no 3.

curriculum vitae padrão lattes

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curriculum vitae padrão lattes

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