When the money is remitted into Malaysia, it is directly credited into the Main headquarters and the bank will re-distribute the money based on account number. Application can be made via e-Consular System www. The Malaysian government may change the level of fixed deposit — see this extract from an article by the Minister for Tourism: Generously allowing an applicant six months from the issue of said letter, applicants must then travel to Putrajaya, the Malaysian government center and complete three final steps. We had worked in Malaysia for three years then retired in July

We too used Yvonne from Joy-Stay. Please print out two copies. Enter your own political opinion please. Rules change, bloggers get bored and bugger off to somewhere else, etc etc. The clothes worn but be in start contrast. Participants under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme are not allowed to work or employed while staying in Malaysia. Originally Posted by JC3.

The income requirement is a one time requirement mm2u when filing the application so they will never ask about it once you have the MM2H. All documents must be in English or officially translated into English. We had worked in Malaysia for three years then retired in July Indicate which financial criteria you want to use: Hi Indah Thanks for the good wishes.

Under no circumstances, will any documents, already submitted to the relevant authorities, be returned.

cover letter for mm2h

Copies of Passport Stamped Pages. All applicants who wish to apply to stay in Malaysia leetter the Malaysia My Second Home Programme must submit the following documents: Nov 4th The main reason why every page needs to be photocopied is that the government wants to see other countries’ stamps and also to see if you are blacklisted by other countries.


Again be sure to take the originals for comparison. Preferably with light blue or white background. If the children are too young to sign, the mmh2 not the spouse has to sign on behalf of the children.

It takes about 10 days? The above Checklist is for guidance only. The ultimate guide lteter independent travellers seeking inspiration, advice and adventures beyond their wildest dreams.

Participants under the Malaysia My Second Home Programme are not allowed to work or employed while staying in Coover.

The application form would seem a good place but there is one piece of information that will take time to get and that is the Letter of Good Conduct so I’ll start there. Originally Posted by teejaydee. With whom you wish to come single or with family. Remember the MM2H visa is available to people who are still working in their home country and possibly just want a second home in Malaysia, it’s not only for retirees who plan to live in Malaysia full time.

Please contact us directly to obtain this Agreement Form.

MM2H – How to apply

This applies to those did not receive the full duration of the year Visa because of the short validity period of their passport at the time of approval and would like to receive the remaining period upon the issuance of a new passport. If you have spouse or children applying, please fill in the corresponding sections Please leave all other sections including the questionnaires blank. Certified true copies means they expect every page of bank statements, bank letters, brokerage statements and anything else you submit to be notarized.


Then we went through the agents and found ones who had a selection of our potentials.

cover letter for mm2h

Applicants must scan and email us all required documents whichever relevant for our final review prior to delivery the documents to us. We are still in the process of applying for MM2H letfer.

MM2H – How to apply – British Expats

Please allow 4 working days to get the policy back to us. I’ve looked at a few examples and they seem to vary from very brief to nicely detailed. I would say if you travel through KLIA the answer is yes and if you travel internationally through Lettdr which has very limited international flights the answer is no.

This is just a “meet the visa requirement insurance” and the claims are negligible.

MM2H Application Forms

If you are retired, then just put in your resume until your last job before you retire. Again I suggest contacting an agent. The applicant must be present in person at the Immigration Department of Malaysia and is required to bring the following documents: