The course is terribly managed and run, but that’s the fault of the TAs and Kruskal. If you have to retake a second time, fear not. Did really well on the final and ended up with an A-. He does not have sample exams because as he says at the beginning semester “He never really thought they were helpful”. His homeworks are difficult and you really have to take them head-first.

Don’t let him get away with this, shy people! It might be a little less work with the somewhat small weekly homeworks, but it is not worth it in the end. He is also very condescending sometimes. Weather conditions were clear, and seas were calm. He changed the structure of the class to help students.

Cmsc351 homework solutions

You never really know for sure if you are even close to getting the right answer. He has many homework and practice questions, but never posts the answers. He does curve the exams. Not a theorem, just an empirical statement.

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That test you took half-asleep and sick and stressed beyond belief? It’s great when professors can provide relevant anecdotes to the material that they’re teaching, but Meesh just provided anecdotes about whatever happened to pop into her strange mind at the time. The midterms are simple compared to the practice questions – just ohmework sure you read the instructions carefully because Golub often asks that you only set up the question and not solve it. All models are equivalent up to polynomial time.


After the first midterm I found myself ignoring his lecture notes and working entirely off of the other section’s taught by Bonnie Hhomework and Vihba posted notes.

Definitely recommended for CMSC She’s just not a good teacher. Then you have to do the group on the left and the group on the right. Of course in reality the quadratic, Adj. Even when he did attempt them, the proofs were so terrible I didn’t even bother writing them down.

O n2 Adjacency List: Like integrals in calculus. Probability that current ith element is smallest in sub array is 1i. But not What is the Eulerian Cycle. Correctness Proof Base case: But if you are someone who prefers to learn directly from the lectures instead of someone who learns by struggling through homeworks, I would not recommend taking Kruskal.

Overall, I was extremely unhappy with how little I felt I learned from this course. The sexual tension must reach the breaking point and satisfy the reader and characters only temporarily until happily ever after.

If you read the syllabus he claims to curve each assignment Kruskal spends all his time spouting nonsense about how students are always wrong yet he can’t solve a problem he posed to us himself. He posts extra assignments and examples online, but again, he does not post solutions.


I definitely fall into the second category. He has an eccentric personality but if you get one on one time with him, get to know him and show genuine interest in the material, he is great. His midterm and final were very difficult.

cmsc351 homework solutions

He is sometimes overly tough, but generally fair. Finally, when you’re taking a test, make sure to get your question across if you have a legitimate question.

For example, on one exam we were told to divide our scores by. Next we can try to split the sum in half and floor both to the lowest term in that series. The addition of a second midterm in the semester has helped the class be more “pass-able”.

One awkward way to alleviate this is to keep extra pointers between solktions list elements in shared edges.

cmsc351 homework solutions

He gives you limited notes, and then you work out the details in class. He made such a amazing adjustment for the percentage distribution to try to help the class. This course is pretty easy in my opinion.