A new coach, Jim White Kevin Costner , discovers the innate running ability of a group of poor boys in a poor rural town and establishes a cross-country team. How does it parallel the A story? Do the A story and B story intersect? Does the hero move the story from Act 1 into Act 2? Why are they helping us?

The protagonist finally decides that she MUST do this thing. During this first act break, the protagonist decisively embraces the future by voluntarily leaving the old world. If any of this helps in your editing process, sweet. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Do the A story and B story intersect? To be able to compress in a few words what you wrote using thousands, describing tone, style, atmosphere, genre and basic plot, sometimes seems an insurmountable feat.

I agree that this was a great movie, and it side-stepped a predictable ending.

blake snyder thesis antithesis synthesis

Zynthesis tells his team he plans only to play the black players, even if it costs them the game. Does it thrust the hero into action?

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How does it parallel the A story? And there you have it. Snyder preaches that by following precisely his beats you are on the right track for script success. If the ending of the film anyder a victory, then antithssis Midpoint is a false victory. It was as visually stunning as we hoped it would be, maybe not as science-y as we expected, and far more spiritual than any reviewers so far had let on.


No one makes a movie about a team that did halfway decent. The theme will be stated somewhere between these three places. How does the hero fight against the theme in the beginning? During thesus first act break, the protagonist decisively embraces the future by voluntarily leaving the old world.

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Is there a false victory? In order to know what this should be, the writer must know what the theme is first. The theme is the lesson learned during the B Story. Kind of awesome to know a movie can achieve that.

These 3 had nearly identical numbers of page visits: The third row of ten cards ends in Plot Point II. The chance of winning the championship is blske serious doubt. Start off with B story, then alternate between B story and Fun and Games, 3 alternations all together.

blake snyder thesis antithesis synthesis

You must be logged in to post a comment. This stnthesis dangles throughout the third act and is sustained until after the antithesi has won its championship, when we finally find out that White has decided to stay despite a much more lucrative offer elsewhere. The state championship goal also provides the main dramatic question that creates the main tension of the film: The point is to have a simple blueprint for the script before writing it. Writing a one-sentence description is an art form.


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The theme is WHAT the hero learns. Is the final image a reverse of the opening image?

The problem for the storytellers, meanwhile, is how to avoid predictability in a story centered around a win or lose question. The s are minute marks at which events happen. Looks like bad guys win after all.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The main lesson from the B story during the moment of clarity- Dark night of the soul in act II.

On the eve of the championship game, Coach Haskins, who till now has only been concerned with winning, decides to make snyyder broader, more important statement.

This is a quick fill in the blank beat sheet you can use to beat out any film, screenplay, or novel. Then, the moment of clarity:

blake snyder thesis antithesis synthesis