Post a new thread. Sheep were brought to New Zealand in the s by British sailors. Again, thank you so much for these resources! Furthermore, tourists may destroy parts of the reef when they go diving or reef-walking. There are no threads for this page. Overpopulation in Bangladesh resulted in overcrowded areas with traffic congestion as there are too many vehicles on the the roads, especially in cities such as Dhaka. The governments of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republik are investigating into longterm measures to reduce the aftermath of future floods.

Katrina intensified before making landfall in Florida and was a Hurricane 3 upon reaching the Mississippi Delta. Many are fleeing from barrel bombings and shootings that have destroyed their houses and killed family members. Botswana is a landlocked country, north of South Africa. The Wadden Sea provides a large diversity of fish species and other seafood animals, making fishery an important industry for the local communities. This site uses cookies. November 1, at 6: August 30, at 4:

For this reason, Germany has adopted several measures that attempt to encourage families to have more children: Post a new thread.

bangladesh overpopulation case study igcse

As a consequence, many forested areas were burnt, releasing srudy masses of smoke and thereby resulting in atmospheric pollution. Besides, deforestation requires people to travel farther to collect enough fuelwood.

This increases the population density in Dhaka and puts pressure on resources such as housing, health care, water and sanitation, education etc. Short term responses included search and rescue bagladesh in the local communities, while internationally, people sent donations to help those in need.

In Mali, large amounts of fuelwood are used for cooking and heating, especially in rural areas, where electricity networks have not been developed.


Case Study: An Overpopulated Country – Bangladesh

In some rural regions, levees were destroyed to allow the water to escape onto flood plains and prevent uncontrolled damage downstream. Suggestions include reducing construction activities on flood plains and creating spillways to divert part of the flow in case of high discharge. Overpopulation occurs when there are too many people in an area relative to the amount of resourcesleading to a lowering of standards of living. Also, overfishing destroys food chains and disbalances the symbiotic relationships.

Case study: Overpopulation – Bangladesh

Also, the dam has created many iverpopulation. Due to these areas becoming so densely populated, the land is heavily farmed, leading to Over cultivation Overuse of the land which results in taking too many nutrients from the soil.

Government-funded pensions may have to shrink to cover everybody, leaving many people with less to spend and some in poverty. April 6, at 6: There is a very heavy reliance on machinery for ploughing, planting, spraying the crop and harvesting. The reef grows in shallow areas not more than 60 m deep in the Coral sea, off the Australian coast, east of Cairns.

bangladesh overpopulation case study igcse

Specifically, Borneo has been developing economically through the growth of the coal mining industry, which provides employment opportunities, as well as the export of timber for furniture and paper production. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The drought overpopultion Ethiopia,Djibouti, Kenya and Somalia was caused by the La Nina phenomenon, an ocean current in the Pacific which increased the intensity of igcsf winds in the Indian ocean, pulling moisture away from East Africa and towards Australia and Indonesia.

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Best of luck, Carina T. The country of Bangladesh is located in Southern Asia. Also, the Nangladesh plan to be a carbon neutral country by Furthermore, the burning of fuelwood releases toxic gases which may be trapped in the houses, causing breathing problems or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

bangladesh overpopulation case study igcse

Hi Jessie, Thank you very much for your nice words. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Westerly onshore winds picked up dry sand from the wide beach at the estuary of the Dovey Dyfi river. Apply to be a Writer Report page Share this.

It has been formed along overpopultaion Holderness coast under the influence of prevailing winds from the North which result in wave refraction.

As a result of being poor, and having insufficient resources to protect themselves from these Climatic Hazards, oerpopulation often results in a high death rate.

Case studies are really very helpful, I would suggest to add more case studies.

Case Study: An Overpopulated Country – Bangladesh – A-Level Geography – Marked by

A large proportion of expenditure goes toward machinery, chemicals and other equipment. Overpopulation in Bangladesh Lack of resources, poor infrastructure and under-developed technology coupled with the high population have been responsible for decreasing the carrying banglades of the region.

Population growth rate in Uganda. August 18, at By Giorgio Montersino on Flickr Licence: